Simple Self-Care Solutions – A Collaboration with Nike

A couple of months ago, Nike reached out to me to lend my expertise to a simple self-care solutions article they were working on. Yes, the N-I-K-E! I was thrilled at this opportunity. The process was delightful as they were thorough in their interviewing and followed up with citations and fact-checking. The article explores simple self-care solutions to common issues and situations. The article is finally out and I am honored to have been a part of this. Enjoy!

Podcast News

Did you know that episode 5 of the podcast is out? It is a great conversation with my talented cousin, Allison Derrico. Have you heard it? We explore yoga, Ayurveda, and the importance of making little tweaks in your routine which can have a dramatic impact on your health & well-being. 


A new episode drops Wednesday, 9/1. Episode 6 is a conversation with my fellow PhD partner in crime, Dr. Boivin. We cover a lot of ground including self-care for brides-to-be and the importance of saying no! It should not be missed. The photo to the Right is Dr. MC and Dr. Boivin at their doctoral hooding, May 2021. 

Dr. MC & Dr. Boivin The power of no



Dr. MC 

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