You Are Not Your Trauma

Dr. MC's Self-Care Cabaret
Dr. MC's Self-Care Cabaret
You Are Not Your Trauma

This episode will challenge your views on resilience and teach you a lot about trauma. Dr. MC is joined by Dr. Jennifer Herring for today’s conversation as they discuss trauma. It is important to remember that you are not your trauma, it does not define you and you do not get to decide whether or not something is traumatic for someone else. Two people could experience the very same event and yet have dramatically different outcomes. There is a lot to unpack when we discuss this topic and multiple perspectives to consider.

We have all experienced challenges in life. Right now we continue to navigate a collective trauma with the ongoing global pandemic. The full scope of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is not known and will not be known for many years, but what we do know is that you need to take care of yourself today. Start prioritizing your needs today and taking care of yourself.

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