Student Loan Forgiveness: PSLF Waiver

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Dr. MC's Self-Care Cabaret
Student Loan Forgiveness: PSLF Waiver

Do you work in public service? Do you work in a school? Or for a non-profit? Higher-Edu? And do you have student loan debt? If so, stop what you are doing and listen to this episode as you could be eligible for student loan forgiveness under the limited PSLF waiver. Under the limited-time waiver for PSLF many borrowers are having their loans forgiven or at least finding a clearer path toward forgiveness as the federal government works to correct many of the deceptive practices and unnecessary hoops to jump through in order to meet the criteria of the PSLF program. 


Today we chat with Matt Amory who is a librarian and Union activist. He learned about PSLF in 2017 at a Union function and earned forgiveness of his student loan debt in 2021. He is an Admin of the popular Facebook Group Public Service Loan Forgiveness Support which has over one hundred thousand members. This Facebook Group has helped countless folks just like you receive student loan forgiveness. I was one of those lucky folks and I would have had no idea if it weren’t for the Facebook Group. Thank goodness I choose to believe strangers in Facebook Group over the advice I had been given by Fed Loan and other reputable sources or I would not have had my loans forgiven. I will be forever grateful.


If you are reading this and you are not burdened by student loan debt, that’s awesome – but chances are you or someone you love is and you should really make sure they listen to this valuable information.


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