Eating Disorder Awareness with Anna Sweeney

Dr. MC's Self-Care Cabaret
Dr. MC's Self-Care Cabaret
Eating Disorder Awareness with Anna Sweeney

TW/CW – eating disorder behavior and discussion. During Eating Disorder Awareness Month 2023, Dr. MC went LIVE with Dietitian Anna Sweeney (@DietitcianAnna). You can listen to the audio as this week’s bonus podcast episode! This conversation was special to Dr. MC as she worked with Anna to start her eating disorder healing journey.

Since her teenage years as a competitive dancer and performer, she struggled with her relationship with food.

Seven years ago, she was in the throes of exercise bulimia and anorexia. Taking multiple daily fitness classes. Counting every calorie and weighing several times a day.

Dr. MC credits her recovery to a renewed focus on self-care and intuitive eating principles. Today, she’s committed to raising awareness and supporting others through their individual journeys. And she’s committed to dismantling narratives around what eating disorders “look like” — and how body image and sustainable self-care connect.

Dr. MC shares insight into her #eatingdisorder recovery journey, her time working with Anna, and more.


Anna’s episode on the Dr. MC podcast

Anna’s website

Episode Transcript

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