Beating the Sunday Scaries (or a New School Year) 

Dr. MC's Self-Care Cabaret
Dr. MC's Self-Care Cabaret
Beating the Sunday Scaries (or a New School Year) 

Feeling uneasy about a new school year starting? You may be experiencing what 75% of Americans experience called the Sunday scaries, but even more intense as it is the emotions of a new school year we are grappling with as opposed to the start of a work week. This short but impactful episode will help you in beating the Sunday scaries (or a new school year).

We are going to mix it up for the next few episodes as we head back into a new school year. In a break from our usual format, we’re bringing back “Bite-Sized Pods,” – which will be me, Dr. MC, chatting with you about a particular topic and no better than to kick us off this August than talking about beating the Sunday scaries (or a new school year). 

If you recall, we did this last year, and it was well received, so let’s give it a go again. Unlike our interview-style episodes, Bite-Sized Pods drop weekly on Wednesdays! These may be on the shorter side but with a new school year upon us – shorter may be just what the Dr. ordered! 


Bite-Sized Pods (2022) Article featuring Dr. MC

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