Dr. MC’s 7 Steps for Summer RE-vival

So it’s summer (FINALLY!), and if you are like me, you may already looking at the calendar feeling that it is already over. This past year was a doozy, not just for educators but also for society, and I, for one, am very much looking forward to a break. I have so much I hope to accomplish over the next few months, but must also understand that we are all healing from the collective trauma shared over the last 15+ months and, as such, can be a messy process that requires time above all else. Everyone’s COVID experience was different. Some people flourished, and others experienced devastating losses.

Dr. MC & her husband poolside

Some folks are hesitant to jump back in our old normal, while others embrace the lessons COVID taught us and look to do better as we move forward. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, please proceed with love, grace, empathy, and kindness as you don’t know what someone else is dealing with. One could even argue this is simply a great way to exist and not just a reaction to our collective ‘return to normalcy’ after  COVID. 

With all that out of the way, here are the hopes I have for myself this summer, and I recommend factoring these into your own summer plans (if not already in place)… 


    • Take time away from electronics.
    • Protect my sensitivities by limiting the amount of outside noise I let in. But, of course, this goes hand and hand with taking time away from electronics. 

Be more mindful

    • Last summer, I spent lots of time spiraling over everything. I was checking work email poolside, and nearly every conversation was dominated by stress and work-related concerns. I felt like I barely got a break. There was so much uncertainty, and although there still is a lot of anxiety and uncertainty in some ways, this time around, I am setting clearer boundaries. 
    • I want to be more present this summer. When I am outside in the sunshine by the pool with my loved ones, I want to really BE THERE in the moment, enjoying the time together, not stressing over the to-do list. 

Move My Body 

    • I love to move my body! Dancing, swimming, stretching, walking, and more are my go-to’s. The other day I was dancing in the pool, and my mom said, “I have not seen you dance in a long time.” She was right; I have not been dancing around as much as I usually do. This summer, I want to feel the music and move my body in ways that feel good. I instantly get a mood boost whenever I rock out to my fave song. It becomes a meditation/mindfulness practice for me. I get lost in the music.

Recalibrate & Reassess 

      • This summer, I hope to recalibrate my vision for my goals for the next few years. Things have been moving so fast, and I need to recalibrate and reassess my goals and path to achieve them. This will likely entail meditation, journaling, and updating my vision board.
      • I need to reconnect with my why? Why do I do what I do? Where do I see myself in 5 years? 


    • Permitting myself to rest! It is ok if the to-do list does not get completed. It is ok to stay in bed all day or lazily lounge by the pool. The key will be listening to my body and honoring what it needs without judgment.  


    • Having fun this summer is key! For me, this means spending time with my loved ones. In addition, I want to see people that I was not able to see for the last year and a half. 

Elevate Dr. MC’s Self-Care Cabret 

    • This is last, but it is certainly NOT the least. I have so many ideas percolating for the Self-Care Cabaret.
    • Here is what is in the works…
      • Clearly define the services Dr. MC will offer (small group consultation, 1:1 self-care coaching, professional development, and more). 
      • Launch the Dr. MC Self-Care Cabaret Podcast. For the last several months, my husband and I have been working on this project and recording episodes. I am very excited to share this with you later this summer.
        • Read more about it here
      • Launch monthly Spotlight Sessions with Dr. MC starting in the fall, where we will come together virtually. I am working on the details, but I want this to be a space where we can do the following: 
        • Come together to support each other
        • Share information in a safe, supportive space
        • Learn new, effective & free self-care practices
        • Move our bodies in ways that feel good 
        • End with a guided meditation
        • And more!  

What do you hope to work on this summer? Comment below and let me know! 

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