Learning to Podcast & The Willingness to Try Something New

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You may have heard that the Dr. MC brand is expanding to include a podcast! This will be a platform for me to share ALL the nitty-gritty truths and aspects about self-care and learn from others. How exciting! 


My husband and I have been working very hard to put this together, but truthfully we are figuring it out as we go along. Is it perfect? No. Have we run into some roadblocks? You betcha.

But we are learning and willing to try. It can be challenging to be vulnerable and try something new, but growth does not happen inside your comfort zone! This is an important reminder that it is okay to attempt something new, and learning is never bad. 

So far, the process has been enjoyable. Although it seems as soon as we start recording, it signals all the neighbors to turn on their lawnmowers. Thank goodness for headphones! 

We have recorded 8 episodes that are in the final stages, another 5 that will be recorded shortly, and several more on deck. The hope is to start releasing episodes this summer and they will be available on your preferred podcast player. 

I have a new version of my logo (pictured) that my designer, artist mom, Anna Maria Melito, MEd. created for Podcast cover. Hubby and I are working on the logistics of launching this project. As with many creative pursuits, sometimes the art tells you what it wants to be. When I first started thinking about this podcast, my initial thought was that it should be all interviews with various experts, but as a practice episode, I recorded a mock episode with a friend. I loved how the conversation went, and I realized that hearing from regular people and specific field experts and healers would be more compelling. I also hope to add a Q&A component which is where I need YOU! 

Do you have a question you want to ask me? It can be about anything! If so, comment below or reach out directly by emailing podcast@drmcselfcare.com. This podcast is for YOU and a great way you can learn about the world of self-care & Dr. MC.

Any comments, thoughts, guest suggestions (Chris Hemsworth is on my list of folks already), are welcome! So let me know your thoughts. 

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