Astrology & Self-Care: Aries (2022)

As you know, I had so much fun writing and sharing the Astrology & Self-Care series that I plan to keep this as an ongoing series for the blog but each time expanding upon the previous post. For 2021-2022, I hope to solicit feedback from my readers who embody each of the Zodiac signs. If you are interested in being featured in an upcoming zodiac post, please comment below or email me at

self-care and Aries

Anyone born between March 21 – April 19 is an Aries, according to Astrology. Aries is a fire sign symbolized by a Ram with their beautiful curled horns. An extrovert who delights in expressing their power. Aries kicks off the Spring season, and like other signs that welcome a new season, Aries is full of energy and childlike enthusiasm. This energy is not always focused, and it is likely they will start many projects but finish few. 


With a tendency to be charming, this can lean towards abrasive and irritating when not in check. When it comes to self-care, Aries is generally not interested in it until a health issue sidelines them. When Aries is healthy and balanced, their intuition can be a powerful tool as well. 


The ideal way to get buy-in from Aries is to keep it quick and efficient for self-care. They will enjoy using apps and other tools to track their journey too. However, they take a more reactive approach to self-care and are not proactive. Aries is not interested in exploring shades of meaning and prefers a direct line of action. 


This month, my friend, Tiffany Giannato (Tiffy G.) provides the reader perspective! I really enjoy learning what resonates with my readers and I love Tiffany’s perspective! Be sure to check out the next podcast episode releasing 4/6/22 with Tiffy titled “Start with a Pop of Color.” Tiffany shares her amazing fashion advice, self-care practices, and more. Available on all major platforms. 

Reader's Perspective

Self-care and aries

Aries…..the fire sign. My birthday is March 29, and I have always been called a “spitfire” since I was a little girl. The combination of being Italian and being an Aries definitely makes this statement true! A lot of what Theresa (Dr. MC) posted about Aries resonated with me. I am a true extrovert who is not shy whatsoever. I am a teacher and have never been afraid to speak in front of a crowd. Even though I am an only child, I made friends very easily and was labeled as a “leader” by teachers on my report cards.



In sixth grade, I was elected to serve as social chairperson for the student government. I am also  a person who is full of energy and “on the go.” I am constantly taking on new endeavors and am always willing to learn something new. I don’t like to ponder “why” questions and do prefer a plan of action as I am very goal orientated.

It is mentioned that Aries are intuitive people, and my friends are always telling me I am a good judge of character. I always find myself saying, “I had a feeling that would happen.” I also agree with the statement about being reactive vs. proactive with health at times. I tend to overdo it and do not practice a ton of rest and self-care unless a health issue sidelines me from time to time. I love a good neck pillow as that tends to be a tense area for me and I do suffer from sinus infections at times, as Dr. MC mentions.


I am balanced with eating and exercise, however, following an 80/20 rule of eating healthy vs treating myself and I work out 5 times a week. In regards to the self-care recommendations, I agree that trips help me take a restful break from a busy lifestyle and I try to schedule a trip each season to relax and unwind, even a quick weekend getaway works wonders.


I drink tea every night already and would never make it without a grab-and-go breakfast such as a protein bar, shake, or overnight oats, which are perfect breakfasts for the busy Aries. Theresa mentions tap for exercise, which was one of my favorite forms of dance as a child. She also mentions yoga, running, biking, and hiking. I hate yoga and meditation. It increases my anxiety actually, which is very common for Aries and their racing minds. I love spin classes and I love walking trails and HIIT classes with weights. 


Although meditation is not for me, I will try the suggestion of patchouli oil for relaxation and sleep. Red is my favorite color for as long as I can remember, which is the color for Aries! One thing I strongly disagreed with is how Aries is not always focused and often starts projects but finishes few. I am a total Type A, who finishes everything and finished it ahead of schedule. Hope all my fellow Aries have a relaxing birthday season!

Aries & Self-Care

The following is my takeaway on Aries from “The Astrological Guide to Self-Care” by Constance Stellas. 


Constance Stellas provides a list of self-care activities ideal for Aries, and for the ease of my readers, I have categorized them by the different domains of self-care. 


Nutrition/Hydration (eating a variety of healthy and nutritious foods throughout the day)

  • Given Aries’s passionate, adventurous and energetic nature, their food choices should reflect this as well. Try out new spices (Saffron, maybe?), and don’t be afraid to try new combinations to avoid food boredom. 
  • Consider cooking with a cast-iron pan as metals like Iron are aligned with Mars (ruler of Aries). 
  • Salads at lunchtime made with watercress are an excellent option for Aries. They are packed with vitamins and peppery flavors. 
  • Keep your immune system in tip-top shape by eating lots of garlic. 
  • Indulge in a meal at a Thai restaurant. Its bold flavors are appealing to Aries. 
  • Unwind by sipping ginger tea. You can even make your own. The book provides the following recipe: Peel and slice a 2-inch section of fresh Ginger. Boil the slices in 1.5-2 cups of water for 10 minutes (milder tea) or 20 minutes for a stronger tea. Meditate while waiting for the tea to be ready. Strain the tea, and add a little honey (optional). Enjoy! 
  • Cardamom Coffee can offer a zesty twist to your morning cup of joe. Indulge in small amounts as high-quality cardamom can be expensive. 
  • It is important not to skip breakfast. It would be best if you had something that will keep you active and can be eaten on the go. Check out my healthy muffin recipes for an ideal breakfast treat.


Exercise (finding activities that make us feel good and moving our bodies regularly)

  • Aries thrives on heat and energy, so anytime outside is ideal.
  • Consider biking, running, or hiking along a new path. 
  • Consider Aerial yoga to increase your flexibility, which may be a nice way to experience yoga’s calming benefits while appealing to your adventurous side. 
  • Release some steam by hitting a punching bag or throwing darts—a great way to clear your head and focus on what is essential. 
  • Percussive beats are appealing to Aries. Consider learning to tap dance or play the bongos. 
  • Extreme sports align with Aries’s adventurous side. A great way to get some exercise in and feel that adrenaline rush. 
  • Add warrior poses to your yoga practice. Warrior poses are strong and fierce, which is ideal for Aries. There are several different variations of a warrior POSE. This article outlines them well.



Soothing Strategies (breathing exercises and pursuing activities that stimulate your physical, intellectual, interpersonal, or creative side to relax)

  • The Aries mind is always working. Be sure to give yourself physical space and freedom to thrive by walking around your home or office. If there is no space, move around outside. 
  • Practice deep-breathing while burning incense to slow down your mind. Look for an incense burner made of tiger’s eye and malachite. Both stones are known to be very compatible with Aries. 
  • Use Arnica (cream or gel) on your sore muscles. Aries gives 100% all the time, which can lead to some soreness. 
  • Consider wearing a red (Aries signature color) Cinnabar bracelet, which has a multisensory component. When you wear two or more of them together, they make a clacking sound for a light percussive beat adding Aries’ dynamic nature. Lots of fun options on Etsy.
  • Slow down your racing mind by massaging patchouli oil on your temples (following instructions for diluting it). 
  • Meditate while holding a bloodstone in your left hand (red & green – both of Aries power colors). Be sure to breathe deeply and consider reciting a mantra that resonates with you. 
  • Get lost in the spectacle of attending a circus performance such as Cirque du Soleil. Sure to delight an Aries with their unbelievable artistry and beauty. 
  • At least once per week, meditate on the color green for 15 minutes to help calm the passion or anger you have been experiencing. On Instagram, you can watch Dr. MC’s Calming Color meditation which examines all of the colors, but it may be a good starting point.
  • Indulge with a relaxing facial occasionally to destress. 
  • Use music to help you relax—Aries like percussive music. Create a playlist with music you like for relaxing and take a 15-minute mid-day break to listen to it. This can be an effective way to disconnect which ultimately boosts your productivity. 


Self-Awareness/Mindfulness (calming awareness of thoughts, feelings, and body and engaging in meditation/mind-body practices)

  • Adjust your posture and stand tall! Sometimes acting confident can help us be confident in those moments of self-doubt. Try it – stand tall and take 3 deep breaths through the nose and out through the mouth. 
  • Having a mirror hung (where you can see your face and head) in your office space can help Aries remain confident and boost your performance. 


Rest (taking time to recharge the batteries and sleep)

  • Create a sanctuary for sleep. Feng Shui can help you with this. Be mindful of mirror placement in your bedroom. You should not be able to see yourself in a mirror from your bed. 
  • Place a piece of green malachite next to your bed to help promote positive dreams and stimulate vivid memories. 
  • Bergamot oil can help aid Aires in falling asleep quickly, known for its relaxing and calming qualities. Perhaps add a few drops to your pillow before sleep (follow instructions for diluting it).  
  • Consider planning a vacation to a desert resort. If you cannot travel, consider trying guided meditation with a dessert theme where you can imagine the warmth of the sun on your skin and the beauty around you. Likewise, a trip to Florence, Italy may be appealing to an Aries. Even looking at images can be a valuable tool to promote relaxation. 
  • Splurge on a therapeutic pillow designed to support your head and neck area while you sleep to ensure you are getting restorative rest. 


Relationships (spend time with people who support you and make you feel good)

  • Conventional therapy is likely not beneficial for Aries; however, therapy apps and talk-therapy on the phone may come in handy. 
  • Aries enjoy self-care practices with others, so plan a night of relaxation with friends. Perhaps you host a Henna party which is a celebratory practice in the Middle East. 
  • Consider hosting an island party complete with steel drum band music and a conga line—a great way to kick back with friends. 
  • Playing strategic games with friends can help Aries satisfy their competitive side. 


Physical/Medical (attending to needs of our physical body and seeking medical care regularly)

  • Ruler of the head, skull, face, and sinuses, it is essential that Aries protect this area of their body and wear headgear. 
  • Prone to headaches, Acupuncture can be a beneficial healing modality for Aries. 
  • For stuffed sinuses, consider using a Neti Pot to clear the nasal passages. Be sure to follow the directions exactly. 
  • Wear fun baseball caps that can protect your skin from the sun. 
  • Always on the go, Aries need comfortable footwear. 


Environment (setting up your physical work/living space to make you feel good)

  • Clear out stagnant energy by burning sage (smudging). Learn more about it here.
  • Feng Shui bed placement should be examined for an Aries. Ideally, set up your bed, so your head faces east and your feet face west as you sleep.
  • If there is an east-facing window in the bedroom, that can be a nice way to wake up in the morning with the rays of the sun shining upon you. 
  • Decorate your home with beautiful, decorative Chinese Ginger Jars as a conversation piece, or store your fresh Ginger. 
  • Place a single flower on your desk to help you stay connected to nature while working 9-5. Consider something bold and brightly colored like a red bird of paradise, gerbera daisy, or even a poppy. 
  • Although red is Aries’s signature color, green is also a powerful color for Aries. Consider accents in shades of green to your wardrobe and home decor. 
  • Add red geraniums to your garden spaces. 


Spiritual (experience meaning or a larger purpose in your life, read, watch, or listen to something inspirational)

  • Lead others and feel the rewards of giving. Aries loves to inspire others. Consider mentoring, volunteering, or even sharing your self-care practices. 
  • Reading is an enjoyable activity for Aries. Consider the works of other Aries such as Robert Frost or Maya Angelou. For something thrilling, check out James Patterson’s books. 
  • Gaze up at the stars, specifically when Mars is in view, Aries ruling planet. 
  • Consider sponsoring a farmer to help them expand, feed, and take care of their animals. This act of kindness is suitable for your soul. Be sure to research reputable charitable organizations before donating. 


Aries, what do you think? Does this sound like you? I know many Aries folks and I can absolutely see shades of accuracy in this.


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Stay well,

Dr. MC

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