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Astrology & Self-Care: Aquarius

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

Aquarius marks the 9th chapter in our Astrology & Self-Care series, which means we are nearly through exploring all the zodiac signs from this lens. And we are only one away from exploring Pisces (which is my sign). I hope you are finding these posts as insightful and entertaining as I am.  

Anyone born between January 20 – February 18 is an Aquarius, according to Astrology. In a previous blog post, I introduced self-care according to the zodiac, and as promised, we will dive into the specific 12 zodiac signs as we are in each season. We have already looked at Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn

Aquarius can be the most unpredictable sign in the zodiac. An air sign with water in their symbol can also be confusing. “The Water Bearer” often symbolizes Aquarius. This imagery can also be thought of as pouring knowledge as Aquarius is often one who wishes to share their knowledge. A humanitarian by nature, Aquarians act from the vision that we are all joined together for the collective good. 

Aquarians tend to be the most blasé about self-care when compared to other signs. Aquarians often forget to live in the moment and can get stuck in future planning. It is essential that Aquarians tap into their energies and nervous system’s rhythm as they tend to have a sensitive nervous system. Sometimes their mental energy causes insomnia so that they can benefit from physical exercise, meditation, and mindfulness. Aquarians sometimes do not require as much sleep as other signs. 

Aquarians can be difficult to motivate with self-care practices unless they see taking care of themselves as a means to have a greater impact on the world around them. Not seeking fame and fortune, but Aquarians need to know their words reach others. 

Consistency can be challenging for Aquarius, so they tend not to stick to any particular self-care routine. Still, if they can tune into their rhythm, they can develop the skills necessary to effectively take care of themselves, especially if they can lead others in the process. 

The following is my takeaway on Aquarius from “The Astrological Guide to Self-Care” by Constance Stellas. 

Constance Stellas provides a list of self-care activities ideal for Aquarius, and for the ease of my readers, I have categorized them by the different domains of self-care. For more on the various domains of self-care, please read a previous blog post. You can also watch my Talk-Back Tuesday session explaining the ten domains of self-care and practices associated with each domain. (Facebook/YouTube)

Nutrition/Hydration (eating a variety of healthy and nutritious foods throughout the day)

  • Apply your adventurous side and love of trying new things to your diet perhaps by joining an exotic food club or a subscription-based food service. 
  • If it is boring, it is not for Aquarius, so seek out more unique treats such as Black popcorn. 
  • Indulge in a fun new coffee flavor. Ask an experienced barista for a recommendation to mix up your routine. 
  • Organic and freshly grown vegetables are good for anyone to eat, and growing your own is an excellent activity for an Aquarian. Consider setting up a hydroponic garden. 
  • Relax with a Blue Cocktail – the book suggests the following recipe. 1 shot of vodka, 1 shot of Blue Curacao, and 4 oz. of soda like Sprite or Lime seltzer and add ice. Blend it (optional) until slushy and serve in a martini glass. The beautiful blue color will make you feel like you are on a warm beach somewhere exotic. 
    • My mixologist husband provided a tasty alternative. He says “If you are already messing around with Blue Curacao, don’t go off script. Grab a bottle of white rum, pineapple juice and make yourself a classic drink; ‘the Blue Hawaiian.’ Coconut Rum or coconut cream also works, but not required.”
    • Equal parts pineapple juice and rum (2 oz each), a splash of Blue Curacao (.5 oz will make your drink a Tiffany Blue color, 1 oz. will make it a deeper blue. Shake & strain or blend, there are not wrong ways to make this drink.
  • Experiment with new spices such as variations of Curry Powder for added zest and bonus health benefits. 

Exercise (finding activities that make us feel good and moving our bodies regularly)

  • Sports and exercise are critical for Aquarians to keep the blood and energy moving; however, they can get quickly bored with repetitive movements. Activities like martial arts, yoga, dancing, and Zumba can be varied enough to keep their interest. 
  • Known to help with circulation, be sure to add Camel Pose to your yoga practice. (Not a beginner’s pose, so be sure to try it under the direction of a trained instructor)
  • Look for unique exercise opportunities such as riding a unicycle. 

Soothing Strategies (breathing exercises and pursuing activities that stimulate your physical, intellectual, interpersonal, or creative side to relax)

  • Adopt a personal mantra to help build confidence. Something like, “I go my own way” while practicing deep, cleansing breaths. 
  • Often plagued by insomnia, consider creating art or engaging in another activity to calm the racing thoughts when you cannot sleep. 
  • Consider engaging in creative outlets but in non-traditional ways. For example, adult coloring books are an excellent tool for promoting calmness and such, but an Aquarian should be bold in these endeavors. Color the grass blue and the sky green, and shake up the norms with your expression. 
  • As ruler of the ankles, be sure to adorn this part of your body with an anklet to express your style. 
  • Aquarians tend to enjoy air travel, but instead of being a passenger, consider taking a pilot training course and put yourself in the cockpit. This could be a great new skill, and an Aquarian will find the adrenaline rush to be very motivating. 
  • Collect or create your own wish dolls. These tiny creations can hold your hopes and dreams when you whisper them to the wish doll. 
  • Science fiction movies can be appealing to Aquarians as they encourage them to ponder the limitless possibilities available to us. 
  • Crystals and gemstones are powerful tools, and Lapis Lazuli is particularly powerful for Aquarians. Consider carrying a small piece in your pocket or keeping a stone on your desk.  
  • Help promote relaxation by listening to the masterpieces by fellow Aquarian Mozart. Similarly, Raga music, which originated in India, is appealing to Aquarians. Explore different options to find the style that suits you, and listen to it when you need some quiet, reflective time.  
  • Boost your energy by listening to or creating your own electronic music and move your body to the beat. Ragtime music can have the same impact on an Aquarian with its unmistakable syncopated rhythms. 
  • Popular music can also have a significant impact on Aquarius. Great to exercise to or unwind. 
  • Find calmness with the scent of Frankincense whenever you need to relax or before bedtime. 
  • Clear the energy in your space by playing bells. The vibration of the bell will renew and refresh the energy in your home. 
  • Spend time outside in awe of the beauty of the outdoors. Perhaps watch a flock of birds in action and be ready with a camera to capture the moment. 
  • Consider branching beyond typical dogs and cats as domestic pets and look into owning a pet bird. Birds such as Cockatoo make lovely, funny, intelligent companions. 
  • As an air sign, deep breathing exercises are critical for Aquarians but consider boosting your energy and making some noise by playing the Kazoo for something different. 

Self-Awareness/Mindfulness (calming awareness of thoughts, feelings, and body and engaging in meditation/mind-body practices)

  • Expressing yourself and your creativity in your physical appearance can be a rewarding experience for Aquarians; consider a wild streak of bold color in your hair or glittery eyeshadows for a dramatic effect. Additionally, clothing choices should be unique with plenty of patterns and style. 
  • Learn to embrace and flaunt your uniqueness and your eccentric side. 

Rest (taking time to recharge the batteries and sleep)

  • Ward off the winter blues by planning a tropical vacation, and be sure to stay active even when you would rather stay on the couch. If this is an ongoing issue, reach out to your doctor to discuss other options, such as light therapy. 

Relationships (spend time with people who support you and make you feel good)

  • Classic therapy will likely not be successful for Aquarians, but a mix of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or hypnosis may be beneficial. 
  • Don’t take your closest friendships for granted. Reflecting on fond memories and good friends is a great way to practice gratitude. 
  • Express your creativity by entertaining any children in your family. Perhaps a puppet show of sorts will delight the children and give you an outlet for expression. 

Physical/Medical (attending to needs of our physical body and seeking medical care regularly)

  • Ruler of blood and energy circulation – care must be taken in this area for Aquarians as their circulation can become stagnant. Practices like Reiki, Acupressure, Abhyanga, and Acupuncture should be incorporated into their routines to keep energy flowing.
  • Ankles & calves can also be a trouble spot for Aquarians, and exercises should be done to keep this area strong. 

Environment (setting up your physical work/living space to make you feel good)

  • Unicorns appeal to Aquarians and their ideals and should be incorporated into Aquarians’ lives either in the décor they choose, stickers, statues, bags, etc. 
  • Consider Batik fabric as clothing or decorative options. The bold colors and intricate designs are appealing to Aquarians. Additionally, iridescent fabrics, stones, and home décor are great for Aquarians as they are unique and beautiful. 
  • Blue Sapphires can be perfect accent pieces for Aquarians, too, as jewelry or raw stones to be worn or adorn their living environment. 
  • Consider Bird of Paradise flowers in your home to make a statement and add some color and beauty to any room. Additionally, blue Cornflowers can make a delightful display in the Aquarian home, and Blue Hydrangea bushes outside are a must. 
  • Lightning bolts can be helpful reminders of your infinite potential and should be used as décor in the home. Perhaps a sculpture, wall art, photograph, or even a neon light can do the trick. 
  • Consider keeping a stuffed penguin on your bed. Penguins and Aquarians have the same planetary ruler, and they can be a friendly reminder to smile and not take things too seriously. 
  • With Uranus as your ruling planet, Aquarians should consider hanging a photograph of their ruling planet in the space where they work as a reminder of strength and perseverance.
  • Add a flair of distinction to your décor by hanging an octagon-shaped mirror in the entryway, encouraging guests to want to look at it and themselves. 
  • Consider purchasing a high-tech in-home weather station for tracking potentially dangerous storms in your area. Sure to spark the interest and curiosity of an Aquarian.  
  • Consider decorating your car with an “Age of Aquarius” flair to show the world you appreciate and respect all kinds of people, lifestyles, and cultures. 
  • Brightly colored mobiles can add an element of whimsy to your décor. 

Spiritual (experience meaning or a larger purpose in your life, read, watch, or listen to something inspirational)

  • If you have a unique idea, run with it and invent something! This can be an enriching practice, even if it is just for fun to boost your confidence. 
  • Visit a museum to open your mind to the world of art, especially neon light exhibits that can help you tap into your creative side. 

Aquarius, what do you think? Does this sound like you? I have some Aquarians near and dear to me and this resonates with me.

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Stay well,

Dr. MC

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