The Cabaret is Growing!

This week I wanted to share with you a little about what’s been happening behind the scenes at Dr. MC’s Self-Care Cabaret. I am excited to announce the Cabaret is growing. Based on feedback I have received, people are loving the self-care expertise found at the Cabaret, but would love to see it without having to go on Facebook.

You can now find content from me on three new platforms, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. This gives you plenty of opportunities to add a little Dr. MC brand self-care into your social media feeds.

YouTube Channel

For those of you that don’t get the chance to watch the Facebook LIVE sessions that I have been hosting weekly since May 2020, you can now start to find these on my YouTube Channel. Weekly videos will be posted to YouTube on the Friday following each Facebook LIVE session.


Pinterest is a great place to share self-care content and create boards to inspire others. I have started pinning self-care ideas from other resources as well as my own content.


Not every self-care tip needs to be a novel or a blog post. For fun, quick, self-care ideas hop over to my Instagram feed where I’ll be sharing photos and stories to help you up your self-care game.

Don’t forget to tune into Facebook LIVE every Tuesday at 12 PM for Talk-Back Tuesday at the Self-Care Cabaret.

Stay well,

Dr. MC

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