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Welcome to the Leo show, hear the Lion roar. Next to Pisces (which is me), Leos are my absolute favorite as both my mom and husband fall under this zodiac sign. I have also been blessed with many Leo friends over the years. I can say with confidence, you can spot a Leo from a mile away, and I mean that as a compliment. Anyone born between July 23 – August 22 is a Leo, according to Astrology. In a previous blog post, I introduced self-care according to the zodiac, and as promised, we will dive into the specific 12 zodiac signs as we are in each season. We have already looked at Gemini and Cancer.

However, it should be noted that even if you are not a Gemini, Cancer, or Leo, these self-care tips are useful regardless of your zodiac sign.

The following is my takeaway on Leo from “The Astrological Guide to Self-Care” by Constance Stellas.   

Symbolized by a lion, the Leo is the true King of the Zodiac reigning supreme during the summer when the sun is at its warmest, making outdoor self-care rituals very appealing. Ruled by the sun, Leo is energized, focused, and ready for action, sharing their warmth and light readily with those around them. Much like a lion, a Leo is fiercely loyal and full of pride keenly attuned to care deeply for those they love and feel responsible for the well-being of others. While an admirable quality, if left unattended, this can get in the way of their self-care. Luckily, Leos love to look and feel good, and they understand that the key to that is through self-care because when push comes to shove, no one gets in the way of what Leo wants.

Leos are not fond of programs that are mass-produced and strict, and they are always seeking the best of the best when it comes to self-care. Leos want results quickly, and they require encouragement and applause to keep going. My husband always tells me that he is a vehicle that runs on praise.

Leo will seek help from others but does not appreciate being made to feel inferior. While they will never show it, Leos can feel insecure, causing them to seek constant approval.

Constance Stellas provides a list of self-care activities ideal for Leo, and for the ease of my readers, I have categorized them by the different domains of self-care.

For more on the various domains of self-care, please read a previous blog post. You can also watch a Talk-Back Tuesday session, where I explain the ten domains of self-care and practices associated with each domain. (Facebook/YouTube)

Nutrition/Hydration (eating a variety of healthy and nutritious foods throughout the day)

  • A heart-healthy diet should be followed with the use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. According to an article I read from, “A heart-healthy diet is full of fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains and includes low-fat dairy, fish, and nuts as part of a balanced diet. It’s important to limit intake of added sugars, salt (sodium) and bad fats (saturated and trans fats).”
  • Mark a special occasion with champagne or indulge in a refreshing cocktail such as a Tequila Sunrise
  • Get creative in the kitchen by adding hot sauce to meals, or adding dried fruit and seeds to salads and be sure to test out exotic cheeses
  • Be sure to sprinkle Turmeric on your veggies and rice or as a rub on poultry before cooking to benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Sip Chamomile tea in the evening to help you unwind

Exercise (finding activities that make us feel good and moving our bodies regularly)

  • Gentle yoga and stretching are ideal for Leos to keep their energy flowing
  • Elegant sports like aikido, fencing or tennis are appealing to Leos
  • Make sure to keep your body moving in the Winter months as Leos are tempted to hibernate without the constant sunshine
  • Leos love to be the center of attention, and what better place to do that than the dance floor – consider signing up for dance lessons and hit the club to show it off

Soothing Strategies (breathing exercises and pursuing activities that stimulate your physical, intellectual, interpersonal, or creative side to relax)

  • Meditate with a Jacinth (an orange-red transparent variety of zircon) stone to promote more restful sleep
  • When meditating focus on the heart chakra to restore balance
  • Repeat the mantra “I lead with generosity” and “I will” throughout the day to remind yourself or your gifts and help stay grounded  
  • Use music to get you in the mood for mundane tasks turning boring activities into mini showstopping productions
  • Incorporate essential oils into your routine; Rosemary is particularly suitable for Leos as it appeals to their passion for life. When feeling overwhelmed, consider massaging your temples with a few drops of this oil.
  • In hot weather, use the cooling qualities of a citrus-scented spray such as orange or lemon to cool off. For added impact, store it in the fridge.
  • Accessorize with bold colors to express your individuality
  • Consider wearing gold, ruby, or amber-colored jewelry and/or a charm bracelet to express your bold beauty and sentimentality
  • Attend theatre shows and maybe consider working on a production to stimulate your dramatic side
  • Try your luck at a casino, a place full of glitz and glamour
  • Embrace your inner child by spending time with children playing to remind you of the simple things in life
  • Stimulate your hair follicles with a scalp massage to boost your happiness
  • Take the time to reflect on your best qualities by journaling
  • Indulge in a luxurious spa day
  • Lay out in the sun (using proper sunscreen and other protective measures)
  • Retail therapy works wonders for Leos
  • For the thrill-seeking Leo, try skydiving or waterfall diving
  • Express yourself at a music festival

Self-Awareness/Mindfulness (calming awareness of thoughts, feelings, and body and engaging in meditation/mind-body practices)

  • Yoga Sun Salutations are a great way to start the day for Leos – move through the flow quickly to increase your energy or perform it slowly for a calming effect
  • Cat/Cow Yoga pose is another great tool for Leo to use when they feel stiffness in their back
  • Visualization exercises are very powerful for Leos – try closing your eyes and picturing the warmth of the sun reflecting off the ocean while taking deep cleansing breaths

Rest (taking time to recharge the batteries and sleep)

  • Be sure to take time to recharge your batteries, Sunday is a great day to stay low key and prepare for the week ahead

Relationships (spend time with people who support you and make you feel good)

  • Find supportive friends and a cheering squad with like-minded ideals and goals
  • Connect with other Leos for advice
  • If your pride gets bruised, ponder forgiveness instead of holding a grudge
  • Celebrate anything and everything with your loved ones
  • Leos love to share their knowledge and are natural born leaders

Physical/Medical (attending to needs of our physical body and seeking medical care regularly)

  • Ruler of the heart, Leos should have regular medical checkups and stress tests to ensure their heart health
  • Any discomfort in the spine is typically a sign of tension in the back, and gentle chiropractic adjustments or cranial sacral massage can help relieve this tension
  • Hair-care is very important for a Leo (Lion’s mane), so be sure to indulge in lush products to keep it shining and perhaps treat yourself to fancy hair products such as Moroccan Oil.

Environment (setting up your physical work/living space to make you feel good)

  • Decorate with a regal flair fit for a king, consider adding Peacock feathers, sunburst shaped mirrors, a canopy bed, a throne for seating, plush velvet fabrics, and other royal touches
  • Bring the sunshine indoors by growing a fruit tree and caring for it daily
  • Turn an ordinary day into a celebration by adding a little glamour. For example, use your special occasion china for a pizza take-out night.
  • Find the sunniest spot in your house and create a sacred space for you to re-center yourself.
  • When stuck working indoors, consider changing your lighting to be full-spectrum light bulbs that imitate the sun

Self-Compassion (supportive, encouraging self-talk/feel your feelings) 

  • Self-praise goes a long way so don’t be afraid to give yourself a round of applause or a pat on the back
  • Feel free to don a crown or a tiara – a definite conversation starter and attention grabber

Spiritual (experience meaning or a larger purpose in your life, read, watch, or listen to something inspirational)

  • Turn to famous Leos for inspiration such as Barack Obama, Madonna, Mick Jagger, or Tom Brady
  • Support organizations committed to protecting the wildlife including Lions
  • Seek out charities that align with your passion and volunteer
  • Lend a helping hand to a neighbor in need
  • Get involved with local government to see how you can positively contribute to the greater good

Wow, that is all spot on in my opinion for my Lion friends. What do you think?

Even if you are not a Leo, as always if something from this list calls to you, you should add it into your self-care routine!

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Stay well,

Dr. MC

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