Staying Balanced & Grounded with Reiki

One of the practices as part of my self-care routine is regular Reiki appointments with my Reiki Master, Amber McMahon located in Arlington, MA. I have known Amber since around 2011 when we worked in similar settings as counselors. I instantly felt a connection to her. Fast forward a few years, I found myself looking for support. I had been curious about Reiki and Amber had opened her private practice, Karma Queen Reiki & Guidance, so I booked my first appointment. It was the Fall of 2016; I had just started the PhD program and I was in recovery for my disordered eating. Reiki brought balance and grounding to my chaotic lifestyle.

Amber performing Reiki.

So, what is Reiki, anyway?

Reiki, pronounced Ray-Key means “universal life force.” It is an ancient, gentle, hands-on healing method that balances the mind, body, and spirit. Through light therapeutic touch, Reiki helps restore balance and clear the energy in the body. Reiki can be performed with or without physical touch. I choose to have Amber place her hands on my body, but she can also do it (depending on the persons comfort level) by having her hands float over the body an inch or so. The atmosphere is very calming with low lighting, soothing sounds and scents.

Reiki can facilitate deep relaxation, relieve pain, promote healing, and personal growth. The Reiki energy ignites the cells within the body which then awakens the body’s natural healing putting the mind in a meditative state. I always feel better after my sessions and more grounded.

You lay on a massage-like table and the Reiki master works their way around your body, beginning at the head (crown chakra) all the way down to your feet stopping at the various energy centers (chakras) along the way. Amber also touches my knees and feet. My knees are often sore from years of dance training, so that is a place where energy is stuck in my body. And the feet is how she grounds me. Amber often asks me to take big deep breathes in and out as she’s working. And yes, I have almost fallen asleep on the table before. With my eyes closed, sometimes, I see colors that often correspond with the chakra colors and areas where I need more balance. Amber can also tell as she is performing Reiki if I am having stomach issues, for example, or if my knees are bothering me on a particular day. It is really cool and something that should be experienced.

Reiki is becoming a more mainstream practice with an estimated 800 hospitals offering Reiki to patients to promote healing and alleviate pain. Among the 800 are many top hospitals like Massachusetts General, Brigham and Women’s and Johns Hopkins.

My appointments occur every two weeks or so depending on scheduling, but like any self-care practice, the frequency can be flexible depending upon your needs. Find what works for you.

Have you ever tried Reiki? What was your experience like? Comment below and let me know!

If you want to give it a try, reach out to Amber and tell her Dr. MC sent you.

Dr. MC

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