It’s my Birthday & the Importance of Celebrating Small Wins

Today is my 37th Birthday, so a blog post about the importance of celebrating seemed appropriate. I love my birthday, and I have been known to turn it into a month-long celebration as opposed to just a day. This year I kept it pretty low key as the celebrations only spanned a weekend with dinner in the North End of Boston at Limoncello’s (my absolute favorite), lunch with my mom and company at Howling Wolf in Salem (yay, tacos), presents and cake interspersed throughout the weekend. And of course, cannoli’s (we were in the North End after all). I rocked a great new outfit from City Chic that included a red Leopard print pencil skirt (meow), my Louboutin red lipstick, and I did my hair (no messy buns on birthdays).

Getting spoiled by the husband

We must take time to celebrate ourselves and others. No need to wait for a Birthday to celebrate! I often hear people say; when I accomplish X, then I will celebrate. Or I can’t celebrate until I do XYZ. I am telling you…celebrate today! Don’t wait for the end. This can be for professional and personal accomplishments.

Ready for birthday festivities

Achieving goals takes time and perseverance, and it is easy to get bogged down in the monotony of daily life, losing sight of the goal altogether. Celebrating small wins keeps us on track and keeps our eyes on the bigger prize! For more on goal setting, read my previous blog post on Vision Boards.

Celebrating small wins can help improve motivation, boost confidence, and increase productivity. Celebrating allows us to take our minds off the task at hand and focus on recognition and appreciation for all that has been done. If other people are involved in your accomplishments, include them in the celebrations too! Don’t be shy.

During the Ph.D. program, it was incredibly challenging to stay motivated while balancing schoolwork, bench-marking papers, a full-time job, new home-ownership, my marriage, etc., celebrating progress along the way helped keep me going.

Cakes for Occasions Opera Cake

This does not mean you have to buy elaborate presents, but maybe you do splurge. Here are some ideas for celebrating small wins:

  • Purchase a small item you have been eyeing
  • Have a spa day or give yourself a spa treatment at home
  • Get a manicure/pedicure or have your hair done
  • Enjoy a cup of delicious tea or your favorite latte
  • Pop a bottle of bubbly
  • Eat dinner out at your favorite restaurant
  • Take a break
  • Buy yourself flowers
  • Treat yourself to an early bedtime
  • Take a nap
  • Have some ice cream or another decadent treat
  • Spend time with a loved one or trusted friend to share your glory
  • Send yourself a thank you note
  • Take a walk or go dancing
  • Read a book for pleasure
  • Get a massage
One of my gifts was really gorgeous artwork by Anna Maria Melito (she is so talented)!

You get to decide what your small win celebration looks like!

Comment below and tell me some ways you like to celebrate small wins.  


Dr. MC

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