Self-care & Love: Our Wedding Day

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Self-care and love go together and today I want to remind you of the relationship domain, which is an essential aspect of self-care. We want to ensure that we make time for and spend time with people who are good to us. “Good” can leave too much room for interpretation. What you should be looking for are behaviors such as encouragement, respect, consideration, loyalty, and supporting/believing in you. 

*** Dr. MC Disclaimer: If you are reading this and feel that you do not have people like this in your life, I strongly encourage you to seek the support of a therapist, counselor, or group of like-minded individuals to help foster this domain. This is a critical aspect of self-care and can be the hardest to come by/sustain.


That being said, today is my wedding anniversary, and I will say I am truly blessed as my husband is an incredible partner. That is not to say that every day is sunshine and butterflies. All relationships require work and maintenance to stay healthy and to keep those lines of communication open. 


Last year, Jeff and I were asked to share our story with The Theatre Fund (TDF), a non-profit organization in NYC dedicated to bringing the power of performing arts to everyone. TDF was looking for couples whose love story was either theatre-related or tangential to the performing arts; we happened to have both! They loved our submission so much that it became their Valentine’s Day-themed post on their website. <3 


It was an excellent reflection exercise for us, especially during these challenging times, to write for TDF. We laughed, cried, and even rolled our eyes once or twice, reminiscing about the work that went into creating our dream wedding. It even inspired us to finish hanging the prints from our wedding that we had not completed since moving into our home.


I am so excited to share this story with you today. The TDF blog was only able to showcase one photograph; however, I thought it would be fun to share more with you to get a feel for the spectacle. Today marks our 7th wedding anniversary with 13 years together and a lifetime to go. Cheers! 


Please enjoy the photo gallery below which shows the ceremony/show and the details of the venue. Photo-credit, Tara Lynn Sen. 

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