Astrology & Self-Care: Taurus (2022)

Wow! This entry for Taurus marks the last edition in this series of self-care and astrology blog posts with a special guest perspective. It has been delightful to explore all the zodiac signs from this lens. Be sure to check out your sign; you may get some great ideas to add to your self-care routine.


For 2021-2022, I solicited feedback from my readers who embody each of the Zodiac signs.

self-care for Taurus

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Anyone born between April 20 – May 20 is a Taurus, according to Astrology. Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac that appears when Spring is in full bloom. Taurus can be powerful and determined, unable to be pushed into doing something they do not want to do. Taurus can erupt with anger occasionally, but the mood usually passes quickly. Symbolized by the bull, which is typically representative of rich, fertile power. 


Ruled by Venus, Taurus loves all things beautiful. Sometimes prone to overindulging; this is something that Taurus will need to be mindful of when it comes to self-care. Taurus enjoys a routine. Balance and relaxation are essential for them. 


Taurus shares an intimate relationship with both the spiritual and physical world and seeks to balance both in their life. Ruler of the neck (including throat), ears, and Cerebellum, so self-care practices for these areas are a must. 


This month, my friend, Nicole provides the reader’s perspective! I really enjoy learning what resonates with my readers. Nicole and I have been friends since middle school and she patiently waited for the opportunity to share her thoughts on this blog post. 

Reader's Perspective

self-care for Taurus
Dr. MC & Nicole

I am thrilled to share my Taurean perspective in this blog post. It is so scary how accurate this is for me!  Taureans definitely have a regal quality about them. We are graceful and diligent laborers. It is true, that we can be stubborn, bull-headed, and set in our ways, but we are also great listeners and very dependable.


Taurus can erupt with anger occasionally, but the mood usually passes quickly- this is very true- wearing my heart on my sleeve and thinking with my heart before my head catches up and then realizing the need to change my mood.


I have a habit of buying because I like it before thinking if I need it.  I realize that my spending affects my stress of finances/self-care and enjoyment. I do not like to worry about finances. 


Taurus enjoys a routine. I have a hard time with change and my routines help me stay organized. My purse always has to have multiple compartments to keep things organized too. Balance and relaxation are essential for me and Taureans. I enjoy downtime alone and or with friends/family especially outside in HOT weather.  I only enjoy the outdoors when it is warm. 


Planter’s Punch was essentially created for me- I only drink rum and always order fruity drinks!

Being hard of hearing makes me have to take more consideration with my ears when it comes to noises.  For me, stress goes straight to my neck causing lots of problems with the rest of my body. This can make work and leisure time challenging.  I have been seeing a PT and Chiropractor to work on this. 


I need to work on moving my body more – between stress to my neck/back and sitting at a desk for 10+ hours a day. I took dance classes at a younger age and when there is music on- I can not sit still.  I am on the dance floor the whole night at weddings!  

self-care for Taurus

My favorite color is pink, and I am a sucker for romance – it does not surprise me that Rose quartz is linked to my fellow Taureans and me.


When it comes to music, Kelly Clarkson always helps lift my mood and has gotten me through some hard times. I recently got a new tattoo to symbolize the new friendships I have made through the New Kids on the Block fandom. Their song Thankful and my friends have gotten me through not only the pandemic but also challenges.  


I am a big advocate for communication- I can not read minds (not many people can), and I have saved relationships by talking things out to help people understand my feelings. 


I can not walk by a dog without stopping – I am an “aunt” to multiple while I do not have my own.  


I wrote down my bucket list and have been working on #doYOU since 2015 – I no longer live my life on other people’s schedules. I take care of myself and do what I want on my timeline. I learn a lot from all of Dr. MC’s posts! 
Being an accountant, I am very on top of my finances and my financial responsibilities. So having financial freedom is essential to me. Thanks for the opportunity to share my Taurean perspective. 

Taurus & Self-Care

The following is my takeaway on Taurus from “The Astrological Guide to Self-Care” by Constance Stellas. 


Constance Stellas provides a list of self-care activities ideal for Taureans, and for the ease of my readers, I have categorized them by the different domains of self-care.


Nutrition/Hydration (eating a variety of healthy and nutritious foods throughout the day)

  • Taureans like to indulge in rich flavors, and small indulgences like a piece of decadent chocolate can be a perfect treat to unwind at the end of a long day. 
  • Add Loquat to your diet, a small orange fruit with several healing properties that soothe the throat. This is an area that develops ailments such as dryness and coughing. 
  • Pamper your senses with a richly seasoned steak dinner paired with a lovely red wine. 
  • Whether looking for a hostess gift or entertaining guests, a dessert wine is sure to be a hit. 
  • Consider growing your produce, herbs, and even a tomato plant to help stay connected to nature and deepen your appreciation for this lovely planet. 
  • Consider owning copper cookware which is beautiful but also has a utilitarian flair, perfect for Taureans! 
  • Promote a sense of calm by sipping fruity teas. Tea has other health benefits as well, depending upon which one you choose. 
  • Raise a glass with some delicious Planter’s Punch. To create this delightful treat – fill a glass with ice and mix in the following ingredients: 1.5 oz dark rum, ½ oz lime juice, 1 oz pineapple juice, ½ oz, orange juice, ¼ oz of simple syrup. Garish with an orange slice, a maraschino cherry, and enjoy!  


Exercise (finding activities that make us feel good and moving our bodies regularly)

  • The Taurus ruled Cerebellum is responsible for movement, coordination, and balance. Therefore exercises that improve and build on good motor function and rhythm are important to engage in. 
  • When exercising, be sure to strengthen the neck, perhaps by doing weighted lateral neck raises. Be sure to do this properly to avoid straining your neck. You can find other neck stretches that Dr. MC recommends here.
  • Get outside and take a walk either through a bike trail or even an open meadow where you can connect with Mother Nature and all its beauty. 
  • Exercise outdoors to help add a bonus energy boost and help you connect with the earth.
  • Exercise your rhythm and coordination by learning a circle dance. Traditionally a circle dance celebrates the earth and connects people through music and physical touch. (Bonus points for this activity as it hits upon several domains of self-care)
  • Taureans love to dance, and this is a great self-care practice for them as it helps the Cerebellum, which controls balance and motor function. 
  • Practicing yoga is suitable for all the zodiac signs; for Taureans, be sure to add Plow pose to your practice. (Please note that this is not a beginner’s pose – be sure to practice this pose safely and with the support of a trained yoga teacher).


Soothing Strategies (breathing exercises and pursuing activities that stimulate your physical, intellectual, interpersonal, or creative side to relax)

  • Humming or singing a lullaby is a soothing activity for Taurus as it stimulates the throat area. 
  • Welcome abundance into your life and keep your emotions in check with emeralds. 
  • Taureans enjoy working their hands and the sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing a project. Consider taking a class and learn a new craft such as woodworking or jewelry-making. 
  • Rose quartz can help Taurus open their hearts to romance. Consider carrying a piece with you in your left pocket. 
  • Green moss agate is another stone that is well-suited for the Taureans as it will help ground them. 
  • Consider visiting a trained, recommended chiropractor to help alleviate stress in your joints and muscles. Please be thorough in your research of a chiropractor. 
  • Consider learning to drum to help you blow off steam. The vibrations and the music are soothing to Taureans. 
  • A great Taurean affirmation is, “This beautiful earth feeds me.” Write it down and keep it where you can easily see it to serve as a reminder that you are being provided for. This is particularly helpful when you are feeling overwhelmed. 
  • Instead of a teddy bear, try snuggling a plush cow. This will help ground you. 
  • Dabble with spontaneity to help balance your planful side to keep things fresh. 
  • Consider adding the mantra, “I am secure in all parts of my life,” to your toolkit to help remind you of your stability. Pair this mantra with a seated yoga pose while breathing and repeating it aloud. 
  • Kickstart your productivity and energy by listening to the “Toreador Song” from Bizet’s opera “Carmen.” A great theme song for any Taurean. 
  • Taurus recognizes the importance of touch and enjoys different textures such as silk which feels nice against your skin. 
  • Wrap yourself in luxurious textures for added renewal. Turkish Cotton towels, for example, after a hot bath, can help make you feel even more refreshed and restored. Even better to slip into some silk pajamas to drift off to dreamland. 
  • Belt out your favorite song by a fellow Taurean (Roy Orbison, Lizzo, Adele, or Kelly Clarkson to get you started), even if it is just in the shower or in the car commuting to work. 
  • Help restore inner peace by utilizing Pink Coral, perhaps as a necklace or other piece of jewelry. 
  • Plan an afternoon picnic to unwind and connect with the earth. 
  • Help boost your mood with the scent of Jasmine, known to help promote calmness and more restful sleep. 


Self-Awareness/Mindfulness (calming awareness of thoughts, feelings, and body and engaging in meditation/mind-body practices)

  • Consider a blue cashmere scarf to help you speak your truth as Taureans rule the throat. Pair this with a turtleneck, another staple in the Taurean closet.
  • Express yourself and your adventurous power by getting a new piercing or even adorn your body with less permanent options. 
  • Take time for self-reflection by reading the works of fellow Taureans such as Shakespeare, Charlotte Bronte, and Harper Lee. Listening to music, creating art, and journaling can also help promote reflection. 
  • A practical sign by nature, Taureans recognize the importance of financial success. Continue to attract financial prosperity by using a wallet in one of your signature colors (Pink and yellow encourage positivity and abundance, while green promotes security). Be sure it has the necessary slots and zippers for your belongings. You can even add a little whimsy to your savings by using a mechanical bank.


Rest (taking time to recharge the batteries and sleep)

  • Consider a vacation to a farm for a change of pace. This simple experience can leave you feeling rejuvenated. Bring a friend along too! 


Relationships (spend time with people who support you and make you feel good)

  • Sometimes Taureans can feel overwhelmed, and the best way to work through an issue is by talking it out. Enlist the support of a counselor or a trusted family member or friend who can be this person for you. 


Physical/Medical (attending to needs of our physical body and seeking medical care regularly)

  • Be sure to care for the neck and ear areas for the various seasons. A scarf or earmuffs may be necessary to keep these areas warm. Avoid prolonged exposure to loud noises. 
  • Add neck stretches to your routine. Even simply nodding your head can keep the neck area relaxed and flexible. For more examples of neck stretches, watch this live video.


Environment (setting up your physical work/living space to make you feel good)

  • A collector who loves keepsakes, the Taurean home should proudly display these treasures, and eventually, they may get passed down to future generations. 
  • With their keen sense of smell, Taureans should accent their home with flowers such as Lily of the Valley in lovely vases. 
  • Pink Cyclamen plants are an excellent addition to the Taurean home too. 
  • Use a Chamois cloth to clean your home. The cloth is efficient, earth-friendly, natural, durable, and absorbent, and the fabric feels good in your hand. 
  • Color can significantly impact one’s mood, and Taureans should lean towards yellow, pink, and earthy green. Consider organizing your closet by color and season, so you are always ready with the best colors for the day. 
  • Simplify your work wardrobe, so you can mix and match and keep the mornings running smooth and efficient. Invest in items that are easy to maintain and go with everything, like wrinkle-free tops, pants, and skirts in neutral and pastel colors. 


Spiritual (experience meaning or a larger purpose in your life, read, watch, or listen to something inspirational)

  • Consider owning a pet like an English bulldog, both strong and loyal like a Taurean. If adopting is not an option, you can spend time volunteering at a rescue or helping people walk their dogs. 
  • Looking back at past experiences is an ideal activity for Taureans; consider a “Treasure chest” of sorts to store your mementos in and pull it out when you need a trip down memory lane. Keepsakes like this will help lift your spirits and make you feel grounded. 
  • When setting goals, try using the visual of a Bull’s eye. In the center of the target, write your goal. You can even write the steps you need to take to get there on the outer rings. If this is not appealing, try creating a vision board.


Taurus, what do you think? Does this sound like you? It sounds pretty spot on when I think about my Taurus friends.  


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Stay well,

Dr. MC

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