Reclaiming Space

Dr. MC's Self-Care Cabaret
Dr. MC's Self-Care Cabaret
Reclaiming Space

🚨 Vulnerability alert when discussing reclaiming space in this episode. Dr. MC gets real and emotional, sharing pieces of her eating disorder healing journey, her ballerina days, and what reclaiming space means to her now at 40.

TW/CW – discussion of eating disorder history, dieting, restricting, and healing.

As you may have heard, we will mix it up for the next few episodes as we head back into a new school year. In a break from our usual format, we’re bringing back ‘Bite-Size Pods’ – which will be me, Dr. MC, chatting with you about a particular topic. Unlike our interview-style episodes, Bite-Sized Pods drop weekly on Wednesdays! These may be on the shorter side, but with a new school year upon us – shorter may be just what the Dr. ordered! 

We have already discussed Beating the Sunday Scaries (or a New School Year) and how to set yourself up for success. Today, we shift gears a bit to discuss reclaiming space, as this is a theme that has been coming up recently. 

In this episode, Dr. MC shares her experience using exercise as a purging method and losing joy in movement when she was in her dis-ease. Learning to reclaim that space for herself has taken many years, but this summer, she felt a leveling up and is taking the steps to add more joyful movement into her life.


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