Get up, Get Better & Keep Going!

Dr. MC's Self-Care Cabaret
Dr. MC's Self-Care Cabaret
Get up, Get Better & Keep Going!

When life knocks you down, what do you do? Experiencing challenges, setbacks and failures is part of the human experience. You and everyone else experience tough times. The important thing is that when you do, you get up, get better and keep going. Today’s episode with Maggie Perotin offers wonderful insight into prioritizing what is important to you, setting a rocking morning routine, and identifying your core values. Such a powerful episode. Maggie even shares some great books to check out.

How you dust yourself off after setbacks can be a critical piece to your well-being. You are allowed to feel ALL your feelings and feel them hard, but then you must get up, get better and keep going!

Maggie is our first international guest hailing from the Toronto area of Canada.

Maggie is an international business and leadership coach and the owner of Stairway to Leadership. Maggie Perotin gives service-based entrepreneurs clarity and tools to exceed their business goals and transform into authentic & high-performing CEO’s of their businesses. Through her DREAM-PLAN-DO coaching model, Maggie helps her clients align their mindset, business skills, and high-performance habits to transform their business from an unreliable source of income to a client-attracting gem. Maggie Perotin is a host of the Diamond Effect podcast. 


Maggie’s Website
Brene Brown Core Values
Self-Care is a Choice (previous podcast episode discussing core values)
Danielle LaPorte Core Desired Feelings
Atomic Habits
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Ride of a Lifetime

Episode Transcript

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