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If you are anything like me, you are sick of all the “experts” telling you that you need to make lofty new year’s resolutions or time to lose the 2020 weight once and for all, and all that New Year, New Me BS. It is a marketing ploy to keep you feeling bad about yourself and wasting money on things that will not bring you closer to your goals. These are likely the same people who believe self-care is something you do when it is convenient or when you have time. Or worst yet, that practicing self-care is selfish. I saw a lot of posts that went something like, “don’t forget to practice self-care over winter break.” Like, WTF. That’s now how self-care works.

I won’t recap my year for you, furthering the idea that if you did not build an empire, start an Etsy shop, Konmari your house, learn a foreign language, or some other arbitrary marker of success, then your 2020 was a waste. We are in a global pandemic; it is ok if all you did was survive. If you accomplished something too, that is also ok—no judgment either way. I would be lying if I did not acknowledge, it was a pretty good year for the beginnings of Dr. MC’s Self-Care Cabaret. A year ago, this month, I started my blog and website and I have presented numerous times to folks all over the country thanks to the power of virtual workshops. Who knew people would become so interested in self-care in 2020? 😉 There were lots of other highlights too, but that is not the point…

As you embark on 2021, I want you to think about first, what did 2020 teach you? What did you learn? Did it teach you that we take a lot for granted? Did it teach you that tomorrow is not promised, and we must live in the present moment? It was definitely an exercise in forced mindfulness. Did it show you new and creative ways to connect with friends and loved ones? Were you able to focus on yourself more? Did it show you how important health and wellness is? Did it show you where you wasted your energy in the past? Did it show you that it is ok to slow down? As a society, we romanticize being “busy” and want to find fault with doing nothing. For me, 2020 reminded me of all these things.

Now I don’t want you to set resolutions; I want you to set intentions. Resolutions are promise based; intentions are action/goal-based. Think about how you want to feel in 2021? Grab a journey and write it out. Write it like you already have it. Like you have already achieved it and more! Dream big! How can you tune into your wants and needs, get to the root of them, and take action? Can you do one thing every day to make your tomorrow better? Can you do one thing every day to get you closer to your goal? Small, baby steps or tweaks in your routine ultimately add up to significant changes and accomplishments.  

With that in mind, I am providing links to some of my favorite blogs below from my first year as a blogger to help get you started. Perhaps this is the year you create a vision board? Or maybe the Self-Care Success board is for you? Perhaps you learn to move your body in joyful ways or learn to listen to your body. Whatever it is, I wish you well. Go gently into the New Year with love and grace for yourself, but also others. Remember, when you practice authentic self-care in a foundational way, you can better care for others. Put your oxygen mask on first and get to work.

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Dr. MC

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