Level Up Your Vision Board

So, you have a vision board, now what?

I love vision boards! I have been creating and updating mine for years. I first learned about the power of vision boards and the Laws of Attraction through “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne (a great book/documentary now on Netflix). I highly recommend creating a vision board for setting and achieving goals. If you have made one before or are thinking about it, this post is for you. If you need help to get started, please read this previous blog post first, which outlines the steps to create a vision board.

Vision boards only work if you act. You must see yourself daily achieving your vision. Visualize it in your mind. Meditate on your vision and really see yourself achieving it. You must fully believe you can have what you truly desire with unwavering commitment.  

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. ” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sometimes as I reflect on my vision board, things on there may no longer resonate with me, and that is okay. Dreams and vision can change and evolve with you. What was on my vision board years ago may no longer be my exact direction, but the root of that desire is still valid. My path has just shifted.

When creating your vision board, think about how you want to feel. For example, let’s say you put something on your vision board to attract a million dollars. What is the feeling you want? Do you want to feel abundant? Free from financial burden? Identify what the feeling is that you truly want and believe it will happen. When you look at your vision board, try saying, “money comes to be effortlessly, easily, and in abundance.” When you pay bills, do not get upset or stressed out as that does not capture the feeling of abundance, instead, thank the universe for the bills and your ability to pay them. Feel gratitude when paying your bills. Or better yet, set up auto-pay and don’t worry about it. Energy flows were attention grows. So if you focus on negative, you will attract more negative.

A great way to accompany a vision board is through journaling. Specifically, what I call intention-setting journaling. You write like you already have it. You living your vision for yourself. Be as descriptive and detailed as possible. Continuing with the previous example, you may write something like, “I am so happy and grateful now that I have a million dollars. My bills are paid off, and I am debt-free. I bought myself diamond earrings.” Write about all the wonderful things you did with your million dollars. Not want to do, hope to do, or will do. The possibilities are endless. I did this process when my husband and I bought our house in 2017. I wrote daily about the house I wanted to attract. I am still not sure exactly how we pulled it off, but it happened. I focused my efforts, and it worked. Similarly, I did the same thing to earn my Ph.D. in 3 years. It is somewhat unheard of to complete a Ph.D. program in such a short amount of time from start to finish, but I set the vision, and I never wavered. I wholeheartedly knew I could do it in the time I allotted myself.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started today.

If you have tips for creating a vision board, I would love to hear them! Please comment below.

Oh, and if you are tempted to create new year’s resolutions, please read this blog post. It is not about resolutions. It is about intentions.

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