Nike: Owning Your Self-Care

You may recall a few months back, I was asked to lend my expertise for a Nike article about simple self-care practices. The article was great and I was so honored to partner with Nike to share my expertise. I appreciated the fact-checking process and their attention to detail in ensuring that they only promote accurate, high-quality articles to their blog. 


Shortly after working on the article, Nike reached out to me again and invited me to a guest on their very popular Nike Trained podcast.

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The Nike Trained podcast has close to 2.2M listeners, and past guests include LeBron James, actor Michael B. Jordan, Ariana Huffington, and Andy Puddicombe, CEO and founder of Headspace.


I, of course, said yes! Still in awe that my voice would join the ranks of previous guests on the show. The process was amazing. The team at Nike was incredible to work with and I am so excited (and proud) that this episode is out for the world to hear.


Nike even sent me a press package of content to use to promote the episode. See pics below. Seeing my name and image next to the Nike logo is a moment I will cherish. Yes, I did get a printed copy so I can frame it on my Dr. MC vision/achievement wall too.


The podcast episode (Season 9: Episode 8) is available wherever you listen to podcasts, but here is the link to the episode on Apple and Spotify

Nike self-care with Dr. MC

The feedback from the episode has been amazing. People have reached out to me after listening to the episode and thanking me for sharing my expertise. What a way to wrap 2021! 


If you have not done so already, be sure to listen to the Dr. MC podcast. We just wrapped season 1 with 14 episodes and we are very much looking forward to season 2 with new guests and lots of self-care-related content for you. 

Self-care is not selfish, it is self-preservation, and it is not optional. Thank you for all your support of Dr. MC’s Self-Care Cabaret, and keep your eyes peeled for 2022…we have big plans for the New Year!


Stay well,

Dr. MC

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