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When your friend is starting a new business venture, you jump on board to help. That’s what I did when I learned that my friend Kelli LaVita was launching a new tee-shirt line called “LaVita Tees.” You can learn more and order on the LaVita Tees Facebook page too! It was so much fun to model for Kelli on this latest venture. Her designs are so cute. And who does not need a new inspirational tee? She is not picking boring styles either; she has found the cutest boatneck lightweight tops, hockey styles sweatshirts, flowy tanks, v-neck tees, and lightweight zip-ups—so many options. 

Kelli and I met several years ago through Zumba classes. I got to know her better when she came to my rescue with the photo booth company she used to run. The company I had booked from my wedding bailed a couple of weeks before the big day. After a plea on Facebook, someone connected me with Kelli, and she was able to help, and the photo booth was AMAZING! 

Fast forward, I also hire Kelli to teach private Aqua Zumba classes over the summer at my house. I just love her energy and her classes. She is so much fun. Although nothing beats rocking out with Kelli in person, she has been hosting virtual workouts and a library of on-demand sessions on her website. Something for everyone. And during the pandemic, Kelli’s classes definitely helped keep me moving. 

She manages to do all of this with a smile! A portion of all the proceeds from Lavita tees is also being donated to different charities. Kelli truly has a heart of gold! 

Kelli shares the frustrations that many of us have over inconsistencies in sizing, so she has her own sizing chart for LaVita tees For plus-size options, I helped her pick some of the styles that fit me, and we took it from there. 

My absolute favorite is this lovely pink lightweight boatneck shirt pictured below. Kelli added the quote “Take Your Passion and Make it Happen.” Of course, with a little added bling too! I am a big Flashdance fan. Fun baby Dr. MC story, when I was younger, I was belting out this song on the radio in the car, and I sang, “Take your pants off…and make it happen!” My mother promptly corrected me, and to this day, it still makes me giggle. Where is Weird Al with that parody? I also love her “Be A Kind Human” shirts too (also pictured below)! We definitely need more kindness in the world! 

Anyway, be sure to check out LaVita tees for some cute new merch! I will be ordering a Carpe Diem tank next! 

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