Boundaries & Productivity when Working from Home

Many of us were thrust into working from home with little to no time to prepare for this new reality. More and more employers are keeping staff home for the foreseeable future to stop the spread of COVID-19. Working from home requires us to make some shifts to preserve our sanity, increase productivity, and maintain a work-life balance. These days the lines between work and play are extremely blurred, and it is essential that we set clear boundaries.

Recently I was featured in an article titled Work From Home: Productivity Tips For Remote Working published by Tatler Hong Kong, an exclusive guide to luxury lifestyle. Along with my voice, the article highlights tips from other experts as well.

You can also watch my Facebook LIVE Talk-Back Tuesday session, where I share some additional information regarding working from home. (Facebook/YouTube)

There will be no Talk-Back Tuesday Facebook LIVE session on 8/11. However, you can always watch a session you may have missed on the LIVE tab of Dr. MC’s Self-Care Cabaret or my YouTube Channel.

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