Accessorizing with Eyewear – Trying Zenni

Dr. MC & Zenni Anyone who has met me or seen photographs has likely noticed that I love funky eyewear to coordinate my outfits. This obsession began several years ago after years of improper contact lens usage (sleeping in them, not changing them adequately, or keeping up with advances in contact technology) forced me to embrace glasses as part of my everyday look. At first, I felt silly in my statement glasses, but now I don’t recognize myself without them on. Accessorizing with eyewear has now become part of my identity. To be honest, I started small. My first pair of glasses outside my comfort zone were not nearly as fun as my frames are now, but I quickly embraced the creativity that eyeglasses could provide to my look. 

The proper shape glasses for your face can be very flattering and give you the confidence boost you need to rock your day! 

I get constant compliments on my glasses, and people recognize me because of my them. I love it! It is another way we can express ourselves and accessorize.

I have previously purchased my designer frames from boutique optical shops, but I decided to try an online option, and I fell in love. I chose Zenni Optical (keep reading for an exclusive discount) as they have a superior try-on feature that was easy to use and see how my new frames would look. In addition, they have a variety of frames, styles, colors, etc. You will need a current prescription and your pupillary distance (PD), which your eye doctor can provide to you, but you may have to ask for it. 

Pictured above are the two frames I have purchased from Zenni. They also offer fantastic customization features. And yes, I have been eyeing a few other styles to order soon. 

I am now a brand ambassador for Zenni, so if you want to try them out, be sure to use my exclusive code ZBAGWTCZ30 at checkout to get 10% off your entire purchase at Zenni!

Updated code 11/30/21: ZBAGE66Z3D.

And speaking of a great deal, if you are not using Rakuten, you are missing out. You literally get cash back for purchases you make and it can be a sizable amount of $$$! Be sure to use my link to sign up. 

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