Publication: Mindful Self-Care for Earlier Schooling

Dr. MC co-authored a chapter in Supporting Children’s Well-Being During Early Childhood Transition to School, an evidence-based, scholarly resource for academics, psychologists, early childhood educators, researchers, and other professionals. 

Dr. MC collaborated with Jacquelynne Anne Boivin, assistant professor of elementary and early childhood education at Bridgewater State University. In their chapter “Self-care for earlier schooling: how self-care may help students have emotional competencies to face transitions at younger ages,” Drs. Melito-Conners and Boivin explore how modeling and implementing mindful self-care strategies can equip young students to transition into a school routine. Parents and educators who prioritize these teachings can help children handle stressors, connect with others, and develop healthy socio-emotional competencies. 

Download and read the full chapter.

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