Keynoting MAVA’s Connecting for Success Conference

Groups of all kinds are engaging with the Self-Care Cabaret, including keynoting at MAVA’s Connecting for Success Conference!

The Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators (MAVA) convened career and technical leaders and educators from high schools across the state in Marlborough, Massachusetts. 

Dr. MC delivered the closing keynote, presenting a two-hour version of Staging the Mind-Body Classroom. 

Her presentation covered:

  • How educators’ wellness is linked to school climates and student outcomes 
  • Participants’ current strengths and weaknesses in self-care domains
  • Sustainable practices for classrooms and schools

High schoolers are experiencing higher rates of depression, anxiety, stress, and poor mental health. Their career and technical (VoTech) educators often serve as important role models in this period of social-emotional growth and change. In a conference setting, Staging the Mind-Body Classroom was an apt way to broach these challenges and hone in on how leaders and educators can prioritize their well-being. With a more solid understanding of foundational self-care, these educators can better integrate mindful self-care practices in their school communities.

MAVA, thank you for an impactful day!

Consider booking Dr. MC for an upcoming conference, speaker series, or staff training this summer or fall. See the current offerings. 

Dr. MC keynoting MAVA's Connecting for Success Conference.
Dr. MC guides MAVA attendees through a mindful breathing exercise.
Dr. MC shares self-care nutrition and hydration tips at MAVA's Connecting for Success Conference
Attendees learn about self-care nutrition and hydration tips for the school year.

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