Feeling Fabulous with Dr. MC: Workout Clothes that Work

Dr. MC wearing a cut-off shirt from Etsy, Shefit Bra & Core 10 leggings. Photo credit Anna Maria Melito, M.Ed.

Welcome back for the third installment of “Feeling Fabulous with Dr. MC,” a space for me to share style and fashion advice for those of you in larger bodies. You may recall, this was initially intended for a print magazine, but due to some technical snafus, I will share these articles with you directly on my blog. Many of you have responded positively to the previous posts, so I am so excited to share this latest one with you on finding stylish, comfortable, and supportive workout clothes that work for larger bodies.

It can certainly be a chore to find workout clothes that work for my body. Back when I lived in a smaller body (AKA knee-deep in my eating disorder & unhealthy), I bought the cutest workout clothes. Once I passed size 10-12, those brands that I adored were no longer an option for me. I was devastated and needed to start again. One of the most disappointing aspects was having to let go of my obsession with Victoria’s Secret. I loved their workout clothes and their bras; however, I outgrew their sizing for anything trendy, yet they were still selling one boring plain nude bra in a larger size, but none of their sports clothing fit me anymore, and they stopped at smaller sizes. That was a clear message to me that they were still willing to take my money and sell me a plain bra, but the fact that they did not offer anything in their athletic line in that same size meant that my body did not belong in their clothing and they did not support larger bodies. Hello, we want cute clothes too! I was so heartbroken that I think VS could launch a plus-size workout line now, and I would be hard-pressed even to try it. But that’s just me. 

When you are healing from an eating disorder, there is a grieving process that occurs as you (ideally) learn to accept your body and love it while letting go of the BS idea that only thin is beautiful and healthy. 

But back to what works for me now…

Workout Pants

One of the first brands I found at a reasonable price point is Core 10 on Amazon.com. I remember seeing Jessamyn Stanley modeling for them, so I gave it a whirl. I did not have as much luck with their sports bras. This being due to the fact that I did not feel like I had enough support for my comfort being a chesty gal. However, their pants are super cute. I am pictured here; I am wearing one of my favorites with the sheer cutouts, which adds a little Fosse flair which I love! I have another pair with a lace cutout that is again very cute. They make a cropped option that is nice as well. Check out the other Core 10 options on Amazon. 

Dr. MC wearing a Nike top, Shefit Bra, Athleta wrap t& Core 10 leggings. Photo credit Anna Maria Melito, M.Ed.

Additionally, I am a big fan of Nike’s plus-size athletic clothes. Unlike other brands that have greatly disappointed me in my healing journey. They are excellent quality, stylish, and who does not love to rock the swoosh? Be sure to watch for sales! 

I tend to shop through Macy’s because they have various options, sales, and a generous return policy, but of course, you can also buy from Nike directly. 

Workout Tops

Dr. MC wearing a Nike top, Shefit Bra, Athleta wrap & Core 10 leggings. Photo credit Anna Maria Melito, M.Ed.

For tops when working out, Nike wins again unless I am channeling my inner “Flashdance lover” and hacking the neck off a fun tee-shirt. Pictured above, I have a nice tee from Etsy that says “Goddess Energy.” I cut the neck, so it was a little off the shoulder (also great for showing a pop of color or fun pattern on your sports bra).

Sports Bras

Dr. MC wearing a Shefit Bra, Athleta wrap t& Core 10 leggings. Photo credit Anna Maria Melito, M.Ed.

Sports Bras are another hurdle for plus-size folks. I have to say, Shefit has been a game-changer. I adore them, and I have never felt so supported during a workout. Make sure to refer to their sizing chart for accuracy. I wear a 6Luxe. I have both the Ultimate and the Flex. If you are interested in trying them, use this link for $10.00 off. 

Also, personal victory, allowing myself to be photographed in a sports bra and not hating myself or the photo afterward. What progress! Self-love is really the way to go. 

Wraps and Layers

Dr. MC wearing a Nike top, Shefit Bra, Athleta wrap & Core 10 leggings. Photo credit Anna Maria Melito, M.Ed.

My latest obsession is this pranayama wrap from Athleta. I have it in all the colors they make in plus-size. Not cheap necessarily but watch for sales and other promotions. It is very comfy, flattering, and it has thumb holes! I secretly purchased it for the thumb holes.



Tell me about brands you feel good in that support your body and your personal style when it comes to athleisure.

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Stay fabulous,

Dr. MC 

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