Feeling Fabulous with Dr. MC: Stylin’ in Sleep Shirts

Dr. MC in a jockey sleep shirt

Let’s talk about sleep shirts! Unfortunately, I have not been able to find decent plus-size sleep shirts in quite some time. I always used to wear Victoria’s Secret sleep shirts as they were super cute, trendy, and of excellent quality; however, they are not a size-inclusive brand, sooooo, that is no longer an option. 


Recently I decided that my current collection of sleep shirts was looking a little ratty, old, and ill-fitting, so off to Macy’s I went (via the app, of course). 


It is essential that you feel good about what you are wearing and feel good in it. 

An old tattered sleep shirt makes me feel frumpy and not at all like the Self-Care Goddess that I am! Even if it is just for me, I like to look and feel good, but yes, hubby enjoys it as well. 

To my delight, there were lots of reasonably priced options from brands I love at Macy’s! I purchased 8 of them, assuming some would get returned, but I am keeping them all as they are great. 

In all of these, I sized up as I wanted to make sure they fit me well, loose and comfy and that I would not get arrested if I stepped outside in one for a minute to grab the mail or water my plants. And I no longer place value on the number on the size tag. It is irrelevant and a wildly inaccurate way to measure your worth. So instead, I go by what feels good to me! 

Be sure to head over to Instagram later and watch my reel modeling some of these options, but here is a sneak peek. 

As always, if you see something you like but not a price point that works for you, keep an eye on it. Macy’s has LOTS of sales, and prices can drop relatively quickly. 

While we are on the subject of saving money, are you using Rakuten? Previously eBates? Anyway, stop what you are doing (well, finish the blog post) and use this link to sign up for it. You get money back! Like a good amount of money at all sorts of stores. Sometimes as much as 10% back. Check it out


Now back to plus-size sleep shirts…


Charter Club 

I have purchased this brand before, and I like them a lot. However, sizing can be inconsistent so sizing up is a good idea, but we already knew that. This option with the lace sleeves adds a little sexy vibe to this comfy sleep shirt. I snagged this in black and a pretty floral pattern.

These are the first and second ones I model in the video above. 


Ralph Lauren 

I have been a long-time fan of Ralph. So I was very excited to see sleep shirts! The patterns are beautiful. They reminded me of Lily Pulitzer. So I grabbed two different styles—this blue one. And I love the embroidery of the monogram on the front chest. So cute! 

And the pink, which does not appear to be available in plus sizes at the moment, but will likely come back. For reference, here is the pattern I am talking about that looks like Lily P.

These are the second and third ones I model in the video above. 



Another fave brand of mine is Jockey! I was surprised to see these beautiful patterns and an excellent long length. These are winners for sure. 

I am pictured above in a Jockey sleepshirt and they are featured in the video as the fifth and sixth options. 



I tend not to care for this brand, but I decided to give it a whirl. They are lovely, lightweight, and attractive sleepshirts.

Not pictured in the video, but they are cute. 


Which ones are your fave? 

And seriously don’t forget about Rakuten.

Oh, and episode 4 of the podcast is out! It is a great conversation with my friend Karina Beltre. Have you heard it?

And the giveaway is still going on. Be sure to enter. Check out this video for more details on the giveaway. 


Dr. MC 

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