Dr. MC’s Self-Care Success Board – Setting Yourself Up for Excellence

All the materials – let the creating begin!

Ok, I can admit it; even self-care experts need help too. The past several months have been so challenging for many different reasons. As a result, I started to notice myself slipping with my self-care routine. All the usual things that are the first to go out of the window are exercise, proper nutrition, self-soothing practices, etc. So, I thought about what I needed to get back on track, and I came up with a great idea. 

I am very task-oriented, and I LOVE to-do lists and calendars. Fun fact, I used to carry a palm pilot (with Leopard print skin) in high school, and my binder game is on par with that of Leslie Knope. Anyway, the more I thought about my current situation, the more I realized that I need to have a visual reminder of my self-care activities to keep me on track. Especially now where the lines of work and playtime are blurred. Things like meditation, journaling, Abhyanga, vitamins, drink water, use yoga toes or acupressure mat, and more are the types of self-care activities that I needed to solidify into my routine. But how? Like a vision board, I decided to create my “Dr. MC Self-Care Success Board.” The board hangs in my office/self-care space, clearly visible where I spend most of my time. 

I let my creativity flow as I searched for items on Amazon to make my vision a reality. First, I determined where it would go and what size I needed. I have it hung on the side of an armoire. The whiteboard I purchased is 18×24 inches, which fits perfectly. Because it is on the side of a nice piece of furniture, I had to secure it in a way that would not be damaging. It is hooked on a fireplace/stocking type metal hanger. Yes, those can be used on the side of any furniture to hold items. They are not just for hanging Christmas stockings on the fireplace. I put furniture pads on the back corners to ensure it would not scratch the armoire for added protection. 

In designing Dr. MC’s Self-Care Success Board, I wanted some structure to it, so I purchased day of the week magnets and some positive affirmation magnets to jazz it up. And of course, I needed some fun colored dry erase markers which I store in a recycled Polar seltzer can. The board came with 3 thicker markers that are useful for checking off items, and an eraser was provided. 

Once the board was hung, the fun began as I started outlining my self-care practices for the week. I added the date to keep me on track and then in accordance with my other schedules, started scheduling my self-care tasks. So far, so good! The first week has already proven to be effective. I successfully took my vitamins, exercised, hydrated, journaled, used my yoga toes and my acupressure mat, practiced Abhyanga, and more. The act of checking off my tasks, knowing that I am taking great care of myself, feels so good! 

Every week I will update it and plan what I want to get done for self-care. I know this will be successful for me. And no, I am not treating self-care like a chore. I LOVE to take of myself and know these practices help me be the best version of myself, but I require a little structure to be successful. 

How do you stay on track with your self-care? Would a Dr. MC Self-Care Success Board help you with your routine? 

Stay well,

Dr. MC

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