Dr. MC’s Original Bacon Garlic Cheddar Biscuits

I have recently found a new love in baking and have enjoyed coming up with fun, original recipes. My readers and social media fans enjoy it when I share a recipe, so I present to you, Dr. MC’s Original Bacon Garlic Cheddar Biscuits. My husband loves biscuits and often wants to make them. We discovered a recipe on the back of a container of Davis Baking Powder and wanted to give it a whirl, but with a Dr. MC  spin. Starting with that first batch, these have been a huge hit. We have already made these biscuits 4-5 times since discovering this recipe Thanksgiving (I told you, he really likes biscuits). These are great with eggs for breakfast or eat them as is. 

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Here is how to make ’em…


  • 2 ¾ cups of flour
  • 1 Tbsp baking powder
  • ½  tsp of garlic powder
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 cup of shortening (we substitute for 1 stick of butter room temperature)
  • 1 cup of buttermilk (we use regular milk and can be turned into buttermilk by adding 1 Tbsp of Lemon juice and letting it sit for 10 minutes) 
  • 1 cup of shredded cheese (we use a Mexican blend of cheddar & monterey jack for added zest)
  • 1 heaping tsp of minced garlic 
  • 2 Tbsp butter melted
  • 6-8 slices of bacon (we use center-cut uncooked bacon and cook it prior to making the biscuits. You could opt to use a different type of bacon if you wish) 


Preheat oven to 425 degrees

Put the bacon in the oven to have it ready before starting–Cook it until just under desired crispiness (it will cook more in the biscuits). When bacon is ready, cut the strips into small pieces. Save a bit of the grease from the pan as well. Pro tip: When baking bacon in the oven, line the pan with aluminum foil for easier cleanup). 

Combine flour, baking powder, and salt in a bowl. 

If you don’t have buttermilk. Take 1 cup of milk and add 1 Tbsp of lemon juice; let sit for 10 minutes while you continue to work on the next steps.

Cut in shortening or butter until mixture is crumbly and butter is no longer visible. I use two forks to do this, but you can use a pastry cutter if you have one.

Add milk and cheese. Stir with a fork until the mixture forms a soft dough. 

Mix in minced Garlic. 

Add the Bacon snips and a Tbsp of grease from the pan (optional). Mix it into the dough, there should not be any flour remnants at this point but a nice dough. 

In a separate bowl, melt butter. Mix in garlic powder with the melted butter. 

Gently scoop dough (roughly ¼ cup each) onto a greased or a parchment-lined cookie sheet. 

Brush melted butter/garlic powder mixture on top of the biscuits. 

Bake 10-12 minutes or until golden brown. They need 12 minutes in our oven, and then I put the oven on broil for a minute (while I watch it) to brown the top a little. Depending on your oven, this may not be necessary.

This recipe makes 12 biscuits. 

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Stay well, 

Dr. MC 

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