Astrology & Self-Care: Pisces (2022)

We have arrived at the greatest zodiac sign of them all! Mine! Just kidding. I think all the signs are great, but of course, I have a special affinity for Pisces. 


My birthday is March 9, so I am right in the middle of the Pisces season. Fun fact, my due date was February 28, but I held on for about 9 more days (sorry, mom), but either way…I was destined to be the intuitive, sensitive, dreamer Piscean.


Pisces self-care

Anyone born between February 19 – March 20 is a Pisces, according to Astrology. Pisces is a water sign which appears in the zodiac in time to usher in the Spring season. It is said in astrology that Pisces marks the beginning of the return to spirit (spring). Pisces are sensitive and tuned in to their physical body; Pisces rides the wave of teetering between compassionate care for others and dreaming. Pisces is one of the most spiritual signs, symbolized by two fish tied together, sometimes depicted as one in the light and one in the darkness, emphasizing the duality of their spiritual nature. 


Pisces are very creative and imaginative; however, they are sensitive and may require more rest than some signs to recoup their energies and stay happy. Sometimes elusive and even absentminded, Pisces can be tricky to understand by some but very endearing. If Pisces is aligned with their soul’s purpose, they understand compassion better than any other sign. However, if they are adrift, Pisces may languish in their sensitivities as they seek balance. Able to go with the flow, but this can lead to a passive attitude to their self-care. 


When it comes to self-care, Pisces requires a clean, organized, creative, comfortable environment. A natural at organizing, they find comfort in knowing exactly where everything is. Easily swayed by others’ opinions, Pisces needs to learn how vital their self-care is and that it takes planning and organizing to be successful. Pisces’ sensitivities can also lead to overindulging to manage their stress, but once Pisces discovers natural and alternative health practices, they will flourish.


As you know, I had so much fun writing and sharing the Astrology & Self-Care series that I plan to keep this as an ongoing series for the blog but each time expanding upon the previous post. For 2021-2022, I hope to solicit feedback from my readers who embody each of the Zodiac signs. If you are interested in being featured in an upcoming zodiac post, please comment below or email me at 


This month, my friend, Betania Oviedo provides the reader perspective! I really enjoy learning what resonates with my readers and I love Betania’s perspective! 

Reader's Perspective

Pisces and self-care

Reading through this blog there was so much that spoke to me, reaffirmed feelings about myself, or served as reminders of who I am and what makes me tick. I got really sucked in. 


As a working mom of three, I must admit I hardly ever take the time to think about these things. I am generally on auto-pilot, just trying to make it through the day. So I am so glad Dr. MC thought of me as her next contributor to the reader’s perspective portion of her blog. 

I had to set aside time to quietly sit and read. It forced me to do some attentive reading, take notes, sit with the information I was being presented, and really reflect on it. I was, in fact, practicing self-care without realizing it. 


I will 100% agree that Pisces is the best sign, in my humble opinion. I have yet to meet a fellow Pisces that I don’t instantly click with. Our energy is just different. We navigate life with sensitivity and a level of compassion that is unparalleled. This can present a challenge as the world grows more and more polarized and embroiled in conflict over topics that range from insignificant and mundane to life-changing and culturally defining. Constantly in our faces, taking place in full display for all to see and partake in. It can quite literally be emotional overload for someone as sensitive and introspective as a Pisces. Hence why we need more rest than other signs to recoup energy and stay happy. I am notorious for going into hibernation for days at a time. When it gets to that point I like to totally disconnect from my laptop, from my smartphone, from the outside world altogether and refuel. Another antidote for the challenges of navigating this crazy world as a Pisces is having a creative outlet of some sort. I’ve always loved art. It runs in my blood. As a teen, I enjoyed dancing (and still do at a party or just while listening to music at home) but was way too shy and self-conscious to go into performing arts. I loved drawing and aspired to go into architecture and interior design. These days I use cooking, writing, and decorating as my creative outlets. 

As Dr. MC points out, learning to express emotions is critical but can be hard for Pisces who never wants to hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s also likely why throughout my life I’ve often struggled with setting firm boundaries and reasonable expectations. Still working on both. Additionally, the need for “space out” time is so real! 

Pisces and self-care

I think that’s why when I am really stressed it manifests itself in one of two ways: I turn into a couch potato and give myself space to do and think about as close to nothing as possible OR I Clean! At the end of the day, I think both serve the same purpose of allowing my mind to just roam aimlessly, zone out, wander. 


Another wonderful outcome of this little homework assignment has been realizing all the self-care practices that I no longer partake in as I’ve become busier and focused on other goals but that used to bring me so much joy and centered me. My plan is to bring some of those back and incorporate some new ones from the “self-care activities ideal for a Pisces” list. There is so much there I am excited to try and explore. I invite all my little fishes out there to do the same. Take care of yourselves. 

Pisces & Self-Care

The following is my takeaway on Pisces from “The Astrological Guide to Self-Care” by Constance Stellas. 


Constance Stellas provides a list of self-care activities ideal for Pisces, and for the ease of my readers, I have categorized them by the different domains of self-care. 


Nutrition/Hydration (eating a variety of healthy and nutritious foods throughout the day)


  • While a healthy diet and proper nutrition are essential for everyone, Pisces should pay special attention to this aspect of their health as their digestive system is very sensitive. 
  • Savoring their food will benefit the Piscean digestive system and they should aim to practice mindful/intuitive eating. (Please be aware of who you look for advice in this arena as there is a LOT of misinformation – real Intuitive Eating information can be found here).
  • When it is cold outside, stay warm with a cup of hot cocoa. Add hazelnut spread, vanilla extract, mini marshmallows, or whipped cream for an added treat. 
  • Pisces can have a sweet tooth, unlike other water signs but prefer unique confections. Consider liquor-filled chocolates as a treat or a decadent imported Italian chocolate (Bacci’s, anyone?)
  • Add Poppy Seeds to your diet, which have many benefits, including improving mental health and cognition. Try Dr. MC’s Original Pomegranate Lemon Poppy Seed Oatmeal Muffins.
  • Pisces is wildly romantic and indulgent; consider having Caviar. Once prescribed as an antidepressant, recent studies have shown that Caviar may improve your mood. 
  • Pisces can handle a little heat to their food, so experiment with spices. Perhaps star anise will do the trick, which is full of antioxidants and antibacterial properties.  
  • Help feel grounded by adding a few drops of Bach’s Clematis to a glass of water.
  • A great host who loves to share their time and treats with friends and family, consider serving a Sea Breeze Cocktail at your next event. The book provides the following recipe – 1 cup vodka, 2 cups Cranberry Juice, ¾ cup Grapefruit Juice. Add to a shaker with ice and then pour into a chilled glass and garnish with a lime wedge. 
  • Set the mood for a romantic meal with a glass of Red Wine, a favorite of Pisces. 
  • Experiment with different black tea options for sipping throughout the day for an added energy boost. 


Exercise (finding activities that make us feel good and moving our bodies regularly)


  • Pisces enjoys exercise with pleasant surroundings.
  • Pisces have a natural rhythm, so they may enjoy dance, water activities, horseback riding, or anything that allows them to go with the flow. 
  • Add Fish pose to your yoga practice which will help open the heart chakra.


Soothing Strategies (breathing exercises and pursuing activities that stimulate your physical, intellectual, interpersonal, or creative side to relax)


  • “Space out” time is necessary for Pisces. This can be accompanied by music, meditation, coloring, or walking outside. 
  • Their sensitive nature is a strength of Pisces; however, in a world that can be insensitive and does not value feelings, Pisces can be prone to overindulging in substances to cope. Pay extra attention to these habits and seek the support of a medical practitioner if necessary. 
  • Frequent pedicures are a must to keep the feet happy. 
  • A perpetual dreamer, Pisces needs to incorporate mindfulness practices into their daily routine to help stay in the present moment. Watch Dr. MC on Instagram Live sharing some mindfulness techniques.
  • With their unique insight, Pisces are often considered “psychic,” and special attention should be given to the third eye chakra to ensure energy is flowing clearly and freely. An amethyst geode or stone can help support this endeavor and balance emotions. 
  • Indulge your playful, childlike side, perhaps by blowing bubbles or participating in another activity typically enjoyed by children, and revel in the simple joys of life. 
  • Consider hypnotherapy to tap into your innermost thoughts and subconscious. Pisces are naturally very connected to this aspect of themselves, but hypnotherapy can deepen that process. 
  • Pisces must have an outlet for their creativity and a muse. The muse can be a person, a place, or even an activity that ignites your expression. 
  • Listen to the sounds of Lute music. A playlist of lute music in the background can provide the perfect tone to help Pisces feel fully at peace. 
  • Always dreaming and thinking, a nice activity for Pisces is people watching to help fuel their natural urge for explorations. This activity can help Pisces gain insight into both their inner world and the outside world. 
  • Tap into your magical side by purchasing a Witch’s hat or full ensemble. Pisces are very connected to supernatural realms, and this item can help foster that connection. 


Self-Awareness/ Mindfulness  (calming awareness of thoughts, feelings, and body and engaging in meditation/mind-body practices)


  • Pisces can quickly become distracted and forgetful. Calendar alerts, a watch, or an alarm, can be useful tools to help them stay on track. A smartwatch may be particularly useful to help Pisces orient themselves and assess how their daily schedules are working. 
  • If Pisces is in a caregiving profession, they need to be mindful about becoming over-involved with other people’s problems. A skilled caregiver can absorb the energies of others which will leave their energy depleted. Once Pisces realizes that self-care is other care, they will serve as a role model of self-care to their friends and family. 
  • Pisces is known for their unique and artsy accessories. Consider adding scarves to your wardrobe for that soft, flowy Piscean vibe. 
  • Deeply connected to the subconscious of self and others, Pisces should consider using a crystal ball to hone their physic abilities. 
  • Foster connection with the scent of Ylang-Ylang, which is known to promote social connections and a feeling of intimacy. 
  • Consider taking a fishing trip to help connect Pisces to the ocean, where they feel very at peace. Not necessary to catch the fish but to watch them. 


Rest (taking time to recharge the batteries and sleep)


  • Relaxing with your feet up is very appealing to Pisces. Consider an ottoman to help keep the pressure off your feet. 
  • Spend time on a boat. It is no surprise that Pisces loves the water and it’s their preferred spot to unwind. Consider renting a houseboat for a vacation to enjoy the serenity of the water and the escapist nature of Pisces. 


Relationships (spend time with people who support you and make you feel good)


  • Learning to express their feelings is critical for Pisces, so working with a therapist may be beneficial. 
  • Consider making a potpourri love potion to bring back the romance. Let the aroma of the potpourri fill your home as you envision bringing love back into your life. 
  • Orchids are Pisces-ruled with their exotic flair and vibrant colors – so give one as a gift to yourself or someone you love. Typically yellow is for a friend, pink is for a romantic partner, orange is for a close work colleague, and purple is for someone you love. 
  • Consider a love-focused mantra to deepen your relationships. Perhaps you are feeling disconnected from a loved one. Repeat to yourself or aloud, “Love and compassion will help us all.” This will help to steady and ground Pisces. 


Physical/Medical (attending to needs of our physical body and seeking medical care regularly)


  • Ruler of the feet, Pisces must keep their feet healthy to feel grounded. So supportive, comfortable shoes are a must for this sign. For me, Dansko’s are fabulous!
  • A weekly foot rub or reflexology may be ideal for this sign. 


Self-Compassion (supportive, encouraging self-talk/feel your feelings) 


  • A cathartic cry is good for a Pisces, so put on your favorite tearjerker and feel your feelings. 
  • Piscean gifts often extend to the animal world, and their compassionate nature works well with children. Consider visiting a petting zoo or a nearby farm or shelter to spend time with animals. 
  • Pisces is very insightful and intuitive, but there can be bumps along the way that makes Pisces doubt their abilities. A great affirmation for Pisces is, “I trust my intuition, and incorporate it in my daily life” as a friendly reminder to trust your intuition always. 


Environment (setting up your physical work/living space to make you feel good)


  • Pisces need a space to unwind. A space dedicated to self-care is ideal where they can be alone. This space should be filled with items relevant to their self-care. Ideally, there should be a lot of blue in this space and comfy seating options and cushions. Here is one section of my self-care space.
  • Soft, soothing textures are ideal for Pisces. Add a chenille blanket or rich velvet throw pillows to your bed, but don’t limit these plush textiles to your décor. Pisces should also wear velvet and silk, which will resonate with their love of luxury.
  • Next time you visit the ocean, collect pieces of sea glass and display them in a glass vase where sunlight can shine through them. This is a reminder for Pisces that you can weather the storm and emerge as something beautiful. 
  • Mermaids should be part of the home décor for a Pisces. A symbol of beauty and fierce strength, a perfect Piscean motivator.
  • Stained glass is a beautiful addition to the Piscean home décor as the beams of color shining through adding a magical glow to the space. 
  • For added luck and beauty, consider adding a seahorse to your home décor. 
  • Consider adding African Violets to your home or office. The African Violet is linked to water and feminine energy like Pisces. 
  • Promote calm with an image of a Lotus flower. A perfect image for Pisces to include in the spaces they frequent. 
  • Grow a Bonsai tree to bring balance and positive energy to your home. 
  • Adorn your bed with pillows of various sizes, textures, and firmness to ensure you are always comfortable. 


Spiritual (experience meaning or a larger purpose in your life, read, watch, or listen to something inspirational)


  • Unwind with a great love story or perhaps the works of fellow Pisceans such as Victor Hugo or Amy Tan. 
  • Research fellow Piscean, Edgar Cayce, America’s most well-known trance medium healer and clairvoyant.
  • Capture candid moments from your day-to-day activities to ensure you are documenting life to reflect on later. 
  • Pisces is very connected to the powers that be, including forces and people from the past who may be watching over them, providing guidance and aid. Wearing an angel pin on your collar or carrying one in your bag can be a great reminder that you are not alone on this journey and that you are protected, guided, and supported.  
  • Plan a trip to Denmark to visit The Little Mermaid statue at Langelinie Pier, created in honor of the fairy tale. If that is not an option, take time to watch the Disney classic for a burst of mythical inspiration and childhood nostalgia.
  • To further your spiritual journey, consider visiting a monastery. An integral part of many traditions such as Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism; you can find monasteries worldwide. 


Pisces, what do you think? Does this sound like you? For me, this is very accurate, especially the part about wanting to help other people practice better self-care. Hello, that is so me! 


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Stay well,

Dr. MC

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