Thoughts from Quarantine Week #2

I hope this blog post finds you well. As we round off week #2 and kick off week #3 of quarantine, I sincerely hope you have been able to ease your anxiety and settle into a routine. Hopefully, you have begun to embrace the current circumstances and let go of your expectations. COVID-19 is forcing us to live in the present moment and be more mindful. For me, this past week seemed much calmer. My husband and I have our workspaces fully functional, and we have been enjoying the bonus time together. 

Here are some highlights from the week: 

Joyful Movement (click here to read the previous blog post for more information on this) – this week, I danced with 567 Broadway multiples times sweating along to some favorites like “Cabaret,” “Chicago,” and “A Chorus Line.” I also incorporated some gentle stretching into this week’s routine. Taking time to stretch and move is so important, but especially critical now as we are all limited in our options to move our bodies.

Sitting Outside – my husband pulled out some of our seasonal furniture, and we set up the back porch. Getting outside is an excellent change of scenery for our morning coffee or an afternoon cocktail. Weather permitting, this will be a hot spot in the coming weeks. 

Streaming Events – Last Sunday, we watched an fundraising event hosted by Rosie O’Donnell that included many of my favorite Broadway stars offering their time and talents to raise money for The Actors Fund. If you missed it, you can watch it here. It was delightful to see the stars in their homes, sharing this experience remotely. There are lots of opportunities right now to experience streaming events, and other live events like never before and possibly never again. Take advantage of it. 

Learning Something New– I mentioned previously that I have been learning to knit. That has been going well. Additionally, the Yale University course on happiness is going well too. Now is perfect for you to learn something new. You have all the time you need! I think next, I will brush up on my American Sign Language (ASL) skills. 

Connect with Supportive People – Whoever you connect with, friends, family, therapist, or all of the above. You can still connect with them. Use Facetime, or Zoom, or just call them. It helps. This week I had my appointment with my Therapist/Reiki master, and it was just what I needed to calm my anxiety and find peace. My husband and I also hosted a second virtual game night with several games that worked well remotely. Plus, I have my daily calls with my mom. All of these connections help improve my mood. Even if it is someone you have not connected with in a while, maybe now is the time to reach out. 

Making video clips for Lesley University

Volunteering – I am an alumni ambassador for Lesley University for prospective Ph.D. students. Since all the events for the spring are canceled/postponed, Lesley asked me to make video clips to help prospective students learn more about the program. It was fun to make the clips, and it felt good to be able to help the program in different ways from what was initially planned. 

Additionally, I have been cooking, journaling, and more. I also got a surprise birthday present in the mail, which was a great mood booster. 

What have you done during this time that has helped you? What do you need help with? Comment below and let me know.  

If you need ideas for what to do, be sure to read my Survival Guide and like my page on Facebook.

Stay well, 

Dr. MC

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