Self-Care is NOT a Day!

As we are about to embark on April school break for many folks, I wanted to share this reminder. Please stop treating self-care as if it is something that we only access when we have time, or a day off, or when it is convenient. Self-Care is NOT a day. This perpetuates the stereotype thatContinue reading “Self-Care is NOT a Day!”

Astrology & Self-Care: Aries (2022)

As you know, I had so much fun writing and sharing the Astrology & Self-Care series that I plan to keep this as an ongoing series for the blog but each time expanding upon the previous post. For 2021-2022, I hope to solicit feedback from my readers who embody each of the Zodiac signs. If youContinue reading “Astrology & Self-Care: Aries (2022)”

Dying for Fitness – Healing from Exercise Bulimia

TW/CW – disordered eating, restrictive behavior, eating disorder talk, intentional weight loss. . . . . A while back I was selected to interview for an upcoming documentary titled “Dying for Fitness.” I was not selected for the final cut, but I wanted to share my responses with you as I feel it is importantContinue reading “Dying for Fitness – Healing from Exercise Bulimia”

Astrology & Self-Care: Pisces (2022)

We have arrived at the greatest zodiac sign of them all! Mine! Just kidding. I think all the signs are great, but of course, I have a special affinity for Pisces.    My birthday is March 9, so I am right in the middle of the Pisces season. Fun fact, my due date was FebruaryContinue reading “Astrology & Self-Care: Pisces (2022)”

Restoring Balance with Ayurveda

I love Ayurveda. Time and time again I turn to these ancient practices to support my well-being and restore balance in my senses. This re-post includes links to various products mentioned.    Ayurveda was developed more than 5,000 years ago in India, and it is the world’s oldest holistic healing system. Ayurveda is a SanskritContinue reading “Restoring Balance with Ayurveda”

Astrology & Self-Care: Aquarius (2022)

Aquarius marks the 9th chapter in our Astrology & Self-Care series with our addition of the reader’s perspective. I hope you are finding these posts as insightful and entertaining as I am.  Anyone born between January 20 – February 18 is an Aquarius, according to Astrology. In a previous blog post, I introduced self-care according to theContinue reading “Astrology & Self-Care: Aquarius (2022)”