The time is now to stop the cycle of deprivation, let go of the idea of perfection and step into the world of genuine, authentic self-care. It is time to find your spotlight! 

Self-Care is more than a bath bomb and a smile. It is the daily, consistent, foundational way you take care of yourself so you can show up as the best YOU possible. 

I am so excited that you found your way to the Cabaret. Here you will find in-depth information about self-care and how to best practice it in a way that works for YOU!

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Come learn more about self-care on my blog. I share real life experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly) and tips for how to build your self-care practice.


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“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence; it is self-preservation.”

Audre Lorde

Self-Care is necessary for our survival. All too often, I hear people say that they do not need self-care or that it is for “other people.” Everyone needs to take care of themselves and have a routine that works for them. – Dr. MC

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Theresa Melito-Conners, PhD (Dr. MC) is a self-care expert from Massachusetts. A regular public speaker, consultant, and author, Dr. MC has a lot to offer those who wish to learn more about Self-Care.

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