How to Support Mood Naturally with Dr. MC

I was recently mentioned in an article published by Emerson Ecologics on the most effective ways to improve your mood and mindset. I wanted to share the link with you as the article features helpful tips from myself and other experts in the field. You can read the article here.  What works for you whenContinue reading “How to Support Mood Naturally with Dr. MC”

Self-Care for Your Eyes

As more people are continuing to work from home, I felt it was important to share this information on how to care for our eyes. It is not a shock that people are glued to their screens now more than ever, but that added screen time can cause some issues. Researchers have linked increased screenContinue reading “Self-Care for Your Eyes”

Thoughts from Quarantine Week #4: Self-Care for Your Eyes

It has been one month since society came to a screeching halt, and our lives were altered. How are you doing with all of this? I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are staying well. I was chatting on the phone with my mom earlier this week, and she was reading about eye health.Continue reading “Thoughts from Quarantine Week #4: Self-Care for Your Eyes”