Astrology & Self-Care: Taurus

Well, we made it. Wow! This entry for Taurus marks the last edition in this series of self-care and astrology blog posts. It has been delightful to explore all the zodiac signs from this lens. Be sure to check out your sign; you may get some great ideas to add to your self-care routine.  AnyoneContinue reading “Astrology & Self-Care: Taurus”

Small, Sustainable Steps: Dr. MC’s Self-Care Success Board

Last week, I presented for the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) as part of a 5-week series that I helped create for the organization. A couple of other presenters and I provided approximately ten hours of content on topics related to well-being, and I created the below PowerPoint slide for my wrap-up segment. I wanted toContinue reading “Small, Sustainable Steps: Dr. MC’s Self-Care Success Board”

Astrology & Self-Care: Aries

I am rounding out my self-care and astrology series with our 11th installment by looking at Aries through his lens. Taurus, you are next.  Anyone born between March 21 – April 19 is an Aries, according to Astrology. In a previous blog post, I introduced self-care according to the zodiac, and as promised, we will diveContinue reading “Astrology & Self-Care: Aries”

Dr. MC’s Self-Care Success Board – Setting Yourself Up for Excellence

Ok, I can admit it; even self-care experts need help too. The past several months have been so challenging for many different reasons. As a result, I started to notice myself slipping with my self-care routine. All the usual things that are the first to go out of the window are exercise, proper nutrition, self-soothingContinue reading “Dr. MC’s Self-Care Success Board – Setting Yourself Up for Excellence”