The Doc Has Been Hooded!

Well, it finally happened. The finale of the PhD process, the doctoral hooding. Part of the journey is the end, but truthfully this is still the beginning of Dr. MC journey. The hooding ceremony is a special celebration for doctoral degrees. It is a way of passing the guard from one generation to the next.Continue reading “The Doc Has Been Hooded!”

Small, Sustainable Steps: Dr. MC’s Self-Care Success Board

Last week, I presented for the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) as part of a 5-week series that I helped create for the organization. A couple of other presenters and I provided approximately ten hours of content on topics related to well-being, and I created the below PowerPoint slide for my wrap-up segment. I wanted toContinue reading “Small, Sustainable Steps: Dr. MC’s Self-Care Success Board”

Giveaways, Birthdays, New Logo Launches & More!

Dr. MC’s Self-Care Cabaret turns 2 on April 6th! This was the day I said to my husband; I think I should start a Facebook page for my self-care work. Having no idea where it would lead, we started brainstorming a name. Jeff pitched the name, Self-Care Cabaret during this session, and the rest asContinue reading “Giveaways, Birthdays, New Logo Launches & More!”

Dr. MC’s Self-Care Success Board – Setting Yourself Up for Excellence

Ok, I can admit it; even self-care experts need help too. The past several months have been so challenging for many different reasons. As a result, I started to notice myself slipping with my self-care routine. All the usual things that are the first to go out of the window are exercise, proper nutrition, self-soothingContinue reading “Dr. MC’s Self-Care Success Board – Setting Yourself Up for Excellence”