Leaning to Move Joyfully

Learning to Move Joyfully

Learning to move joyfully is a vital well-being component. Dr. Lisa Folden shares many fabulous tips and aspects of her healing journey in today’s episode;

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sacred spaces

Sacred Spaces

Do you have sacred spaces? A space where you feel most at home, safe and free? Maybe even a couple of places. Massy Paulino and

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DR. MC joyful movement

Joyful Movement is Medicine

Exercise or rather “movement” is a critical part of self-care. Someone recently said to me that “sitting is the new smoking.” Ouch, that hits hard!

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pexels photo 5717479

Not another “New year, New me” Blog Article

If you are anything like me, you are sick of all the “experts” telling you that you need to make lofty new year’s resolutions or time to lose the 2020 weight once and for all, and all that New Year, New Me BS.

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