Small, Sustainable Steps: Dr. MC’s Self-Care Success Board

Last week, I presented for the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) as part of a 5-week series that I helped create for the organization. A couple of other presenters and I provided approximately ten hours of content on topics related to well-being, and I created the below PowerPoint slide for my wrap-up segment. I wanted toContinue reading “Small, Sustainable Steps: Dr. MC’s Self-Care Success Board”

Not another “New year, New me” Blog Article

If you are anything like me, you are sick of all the “experts” telling you that you need to make lofty new year’s resolutions or time to lose the 2020 weight once and for all, and all that New Year, New Me BS.

Astrology & Self-Care: Capricorn

Capricorn marks the 8th chapter in our Astrology & Self-Care series, which means we are two-thirds of the way through exploring all the zodiac signs from this lens. I hope you are finding these posts are insightful and entertaining as I am.   Anyone born between December 22-January 19 is a Capricorn, according to Astrology. InContinue reading “Astrology & Self-Care: Capricorn”

Dr. MC’s Self-Care Success Board – Setting Yourself Up for Excellence

Ok, I can admit it; even self-care experts need help too. The past several months have been so challenging for many different reasons. As a result, I started to notice myself slipping with my self-care routine. All the usual things that are the first to go out of the window are exercise, proper nutrition, self-soothingContinue reading “Dr. MC’s Self-Care Success Board – Setting Yourself Up for Excellence”