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Dr. MC's Self-Care Cabaret

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Dr. MC was recently invited to be a guest on the popular Nike-trained podcast discussing self-care. This is not to be missed. 


The podcast episode (Season 9: Episode 8) is available wherever you listen to podcasts, but here is the link to the episode on Apple and Spotify

Nike self-care with Dr. MC

Dr. MC was also cited as an expert in an article published by Nike on Self-Care Solutions for Every Situation. You can read the full article here

Awards & Recognition

June 2022: The Sally K. Lenhardt Professional Leadership Award from Lesley University was presented to Theresa Melito-Conners, PhD (Dr. MC), who earned her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Lesley’s Graduate School of Education in 2019. Melito-Conners’s dissertation on self-care and renewal practices for educators inspired her to launch her own business, Dr. MC’s Self-Care Cabaret, where she provides workshops and professional development for schools and organizations that focus on resilience, trauma recovery, self-care, developing a growth mindset, and more. 


Read more about the event here.

Dr. MC Making Front Page News - May 2020

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Other Podcast Guest Appearances

Right Minds Media Podcast in March 2021 discussing the importance of self-care. Click here to listen.


Resilient Teacher Project Podcast with Julie Sochacki. Click here to listen to the podcast and learn more about Self-Care in this casual yet informative 30-minute Podcast.

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