Plus-Size Sweater Dresses

It has been a year since an international magazine first contacted me in the hopes of contributing a monthly column on plus-size fashion. This was the spark I needed to begin sharing plus-size fashion advice on my blog, which I very much enjoy doing.    Feeling good and looking good go hand and hand withContinue reading “Plus-Size Sweater Dresses”

Astrology & Self-Care: Sagittarius (2021)

Sagittarius marks the 7th installment of our Astrology & Self-Care series updated for 2021. How cool is that?  Anyone born between November 22-December 21 is a Sagittarius, according to Astrology. Sagittarius is a fire sign that arrives in time to move us from autumn to the Winter solstice. Open, adventurous, optimistic, and good-humored, Sagittarius attracts peopleContinue reading “Astrology & Self-Care: Sagittarius (2021)”

Accessorizing with Eyewear – Trying Zenni

Anyone who has met me or seen photographs has likely noticed that I love funky eyewear to coordinate my outfits. This obsession began several years ago after years of improper contact lens usage (sleeping in them, not changing them adequately, or keeping up with advances in contact technology) forced me to embrace glasses as partContinue reading “Accessorizing with Eyewear – Trying Zenni”

Eating Disorder Recovery: Wedding Dresses

TW/CW – disordered eating, eating disorder talk, intentional weight loss. . . . These two pictures popped up on my Timehop recently, and they prompted some serious inner reflection about my eating disorder recovery. In these pictures, I was shopping for my wedding dress and had found “the dress,” but the process was, in aContinue reading “Eating Disorder Recovery: Wedding Dresses”

Get your Dr. MC Merch & Enter Giveaway!

I am so excited to announce the launch of the Dr. MC Shop! Who wants swag? You can now visit the shop on my website. You will see merch that is available exclusively through my partnership with Sparklegear. All those gorgeous blinged-out shirts you see me wear are from my collaboration with Sparklegear. Legit youContinue reading “Get your Dr. MC Merch & Enter Giveaway!”

Astrology & Self-Care: Scorpio (2021)

Exploring Self-Care for Scorpios marks the next installment of our Astrology & Self-Care series, which means we are halfway through exploring all the zodiac signs from this lens with our New Reader Perspective addition for 2021-2022.    Scorpio is strong, passionate, and stubborn with the creative energy to transform themselves when necessary. Not mild byContinue reading “Astrology & Self-Care: Scorpio (2021)”