Best Asiago Stuffed Meatball Recipe

Look no further, you have just found the BEST meatball recipe. Stuffed meatballs are where it is at, my friends! My husband freaking loves these. And when I have made them at the holidays for my family, they legit can’t get enough. They are easy to make and super tasty. This is a forgiving recipeContinue reading “Best Asiago Stuffed Meatball Recipe”

Got Breakfast? Healthy Homemade Muffins

With a new school year underway, a lot of us are getting back into our routines. Myself, included. However, I have been much more consistent since I started creating my very own healthy homemade muffins.   In my eating disorder healing journey, I have shared bits and pieces about what it is like to feedContinue reading “Got Breakfast? Healthy Homemade Muffins”

Super Hydrating Mocktail

I figured it was time to officially write up this Super Hydrating Mocktail recipe because I am obsessed with it! Did you know that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? Are you one of them? This statistic is according to the National Library of Medicine. Yikes! I have always prided myself on how much water IContinue reading “Super Hydrating Mocktail”

Spinach Artichoke Breadstick Tree – Holiday Snack Idea

Looking for the perfect holiday snack idea? This Spinach Artichoke Breadstick Tree recipe is a variation of a recipe by It’s Always Autumn with my own Dr. MC spin on it. I have been making this during the holidays for a few years now, and it is always a hit. It looks lovely, and itContinue reading “Spinach Artichoke Breadstick Tree – Holiday Snack Idea”

Dr. MC’s Cooking Show Guest Appearance: #DocDishes

It was so much fun to hang out with the crew down at Saugus TV as an invited guest on their new cooking show, “What’s Cookin.” You can watch the episode here!  I made my original Pomegranate Lemon Poppyseed Oatmeal muffins! You can see how simple this recipe is, and the crew enjoyed it. SomeContinue reading “Dr. MC’s Cooking Show Guest Appearance: #DocDishes”

Eating as an Act of Love: The Sweet Stuff

You may recall a previous blog post, “Eating is an Act of Love: Healing My Relationship with Food,” which received great feedback, so I thought I would write more on the topic. Last weekend, I had another experience where I felt great love and gratitude while baking. This time I made straight-up, no healthy alternative/substitutionContinue reading “Eating as an Act of Love: The Sweet Stuff”