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Joyful Movement is Medicine

Exercise or rather “movement” is a critical part of self-care. Someone recently said to me that “sitting is the new smoking.” Ouch, that hits hard!

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Sacred Spaces

Do you have sacred spaces? A space where you feel most at home, safe and free? Maybe even a couple of places. Massy Paulino and

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Learning to Move Joyfully

Learning to move joyfully is a vital well-being component. Dr. Lisa Folden shares many fabulous tips and aspects of her healing journey in today’s episode;

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Joyful Movement

Exercise or rather “movement” is an important part of self-care. However, there seems to be a misconception about the intensity and frequency of exercise. If

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Reclaiming Space

🚨 Vulnerability alert when discussing reclaiming space in this episode. Dr. MC gets real and emotional, sharing pieces of her eating disorder healing journey, her

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